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for my friends

my Prozac

Oogies always speaks the truth lol @ us and our thing with boogers. how did it start? aww she looks so cute with c'rows raaaaaaawr i wish i was that yummy. thank you again Chris for bringing a smile to my face =] shes my wife. arent you jealous? shes trying to be Eminems wife, too. but sadly, i will win him as soon as i win the affection of Hailie me and him are gonna have sex, have a son, then a daughter. hi PJ lol i miss having a cell. poo. Daril draws hands pretty well, doesnt he? im on fire and yet, shes smiling. damn you Em. damn you i miss my Cow Soulmate as do you, Alfonzo. or was it Alonzo? Almondo? happy birthday to you. you belong in a zoOOOoooo triangle on head=Tinky Winky=gay... why is that triangle on my head?! that shirt is mine =D such a sweetheart were still friends... viva las papas! check out those brows raaawr my goddess of music the refugee pose =X money money money aww i love beanies tX Nun rawwwwwr

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