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All I have to say is thanx for everything! I love you…you’re my sister for life. All da nights at Yorkdale, Jane & Wilson, RAMADA, Helium, Playdium, St. Clair, Alcona Barrie, Albion & Islington, and even MASK, I luv u for it! WhAt? You're in the family now! NEVER FORGET IT!!

I love you too Jia. Ever since grade 9 music class…so many memories. Happy New Year! Always remember he saw her from behind. Size 65…you know! And next time pick a guy without LFAD...please! Wanna go out for dinner?Luv Ya!!!!

Jenn we’ve known each other forever. Too many memories to mention. Joey the best! Brrgrr….SEXY! “Steal something so I can arrest you!” SALAMI family 4 life. Find me a nice guy next time, not Matt, Vico or MARCO! (LOL!) Pedro *wink wink* THANKS! I luv u still! P.S: Dan…stop getting into trouble…we already know ur a badman! Nice shoes!

We go way back. We’ve been tight forever. All those Young ‘n Eglington nights…chillin’, free movies, Chinese restaurants, Yorkdale (and everything that happened there), Sheridan, crusin’ listening to the same 5 songs (too bad you lost that tape)..LoL! pickin’ up all da fine men! Now you have ur own…I’m always here for u!Thnx 4 everything! Luv ya!

Got Beef?! – are u provoking me to engage into a violent confrontation? LoL!!! And u know those were the best brownies u’ve ever tasted! NO I'm not a gina!!Always remember... BAD MAN NUH DRESS LIKE GIRL!!!Luv ya!

SAIL AWAY! You finally understood the Wonderland’s not that hard…thugs!! Next time u call I’ll be listening to Billie Jean – Michael Jackson! He sweats when he eats pasta!

U know you love me too! What would you do without me in tenut’s? Helium…Friday? This time we wont end up taking the bus. No…Jo…I don’t want to hear another Cheminade story! LoL! Luv ya!

Ev, Clean the chicken while I stand at the garbage can..LoL! Thanx for everything Ev... and dont worry I wont hide in the closet this time ... memories. Thanx for listening to me whine about guys... Luv ya!

I luv you guys! U gotta sneak me into AMC for free now too! Melissa…stop picking up the guys…you already have enough!! I'll never forget our handball team... and our goalie... LMAO! Luv ya!

We were tight ever since elementary. Too many memories to mention…the black book, ALBIE & GIBIE! LoL 12 guys…it’s not my hair! Luv ya!

Mask on Friday? I know you wanna go...We’ll pick up some nice thugs! lol!!

Come to Helium on Friday!? I love you still…even though you don’t wanna go.

All I have to say is…mmmmmmmm…those FINE ginos! We’ll catch a ride to "WOOD" next time! This time the portuguese squad wont ruin it for us ! MUAH!

Ma people in Grade 9 Science I love you…still…Johnny’s easy there bro's …Jizz! MUAH!
Johnny G.
Johhny L.
Michelle Good thing I didn't fall out of the "Gino CAr" !LOL!
Mary Teresa
David J. My cousin I love you!!

And big ups to the coffee time crew!
And Miss Tate (u kno ur part of the crew)
And da rest....
Dennis & Pierre "I'm all leafed up!" And to the Portuguese boys thanx for the good times!

BIG UPS to everyone I talk to and chill with! Love you all! And to anyone I forgot…MUAH!!Love you... STILL!