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Me and Laura in da booth

Me and Laura...STILL! look at dat crazy face!

Ma girly Laura for life!

Me, Nic and Krystal chillin' in Barrie

Me and my baby cousin, Anthony

Da table at semi! LOL...Rob...r u ready to tango?!

Da table lookin' good at semi!


Da ladies gettin' ready for semi

Me and my girl Nic at semi...lookin' good!

Jianna and Me at semi

Pamela and Me

Me in Italia!

Alessandro...Italian Stallion!

SeXy AnDrEw!

Andrew again... just ChILLiN'!

GaNgStA' TiNgS...LoL...just chillin'

Dori and Stephanie

NiCe PaRaSuCo'S!!!

SeXy JoAnNa!


Me and ma boyz in science!

Johnny and Johnny...EaSy ThErE BrO!!!