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Black LeatherBlue LeatherBrown LeatherGray LeatherMaroon LeatherPink LeatherPurple LeatherRed LeatherTurquoise Leather
  Leather samples:
White LeatherBlack SuedeBlue SuedeBrown SuedeGray SuedeMaroon SuedePink SuedePurple SuedeRed Suede
                      Suede samples:
Turquoise SuedeWhite SuedeSnakePurple SnakeAlligatorCheetahBlack SnakeZebraLizard
                                          Exotic samples:
Example: ( 3-Way with Fringe and Collar )   Body color: Black Leather     Fringe Color: Pink Leather     Collar Color: Cheetah Print               Return
                                                                                 Body                  Fringe                   Collar