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Leatherdoc: Once a long long time ago, like about 1984, Doc was 1/2 of dba: 
and, well, after 2920 or so days of road trips to Sturgis, Daytona and a thousand other Bike
shows... as the saying goes: She got the gold mine and I got the leather scraps. Well, turns out
the price of Gold has dwindled and as you can see... Doc's scrap pile is a lot prettier. (LOL)
Throw in a couple decades of dedication to the likes of HP & 3M, and 4 years as an ET in the
Navy seems like day-care. Add the perfect lady to the dream, kids, ya know...
happily ever after these days. Between the beach, camping, and waterskiing Doc squeezes in a
little web design from time to time. So there ya go, DOC in a webshell.