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My Story

Born and raised on the planet Naboo. My mother was the Lady Sabč(the only wife of Palpatine. It was a polticially arranged marriage) I was raised simply until the age of twelve, when my mother died. I was then sent to live with my father, at the Imperial Palace located on Imperial Center. I was introduced to the great wealth I had never been allowed to take advantage of and was then raised into finer things. I think that I am well educated and have a sharp politcal mind. I can be sweet, but I have a terrible temper. I work hard for the common people, and greatly despise most of the court. I like to do alot of charity work, and the people of the Empire adore me as their princess. Most people have taken to calling me the "People's Princess" a name which brings a heavy blush to my cheeks. I have recently married Lord Trayus Malice. We expect twins soon.

The Necklace
This necklace is the biggest in the empire. It was specially created for me, on the event of my eighteenth birthday. It has over 2,000 diamonds and is completely made of platnium.