The Jackal

Do you recognize him? This is Ryan Kuhn, also known as The Jackal....played by Shayne Wyler in the movie Thir13en Ghosts. Originally, I wasn't going to put this page up, but face it, I'm a Jackal fan since watching the movie....and he kinda reminds me of Karasu....and he's just wicked-kool and deserves his own web page dang it! I'll start by telling Jackal's story first...then I'll discuss why he's in Karasu's Nest.

Background information credited to 13 Ghosts DVD special features and The Official 13 Ghosts Website.

Before he became The Jackal, he was Ryan Kuhn. He was born in 1808 to a prostitute. Being raised in that type of lifestyle is enough to mess anyone up. He grew up to have an incurable appetite for prostitutes and "stray" women. The sexual appetite was not the appetite one worried about with Ryan. He had a love for the attack and had a habit of biting with the ferocity of an animal.

Hoping to cure his sadistic obsessions, Ryan committed himself to an Asylum, where he spent years in a padded cell. The situation itself over time was enough to drive him insane. He began to scream and claw at the walls and doors until he broke his fingernails and made his cuticles bleed.

The doctors in the asylum kept him bound in a straight jacket. They would tighten it mercilessly when Ryan would act up. The constant abuse caused his limbs and joints to contort and twist.

One thing we can say about Ryan was that he didn't give up doing what he was good at....acting the part of a rabid animal. He, in a frenzy, would gnaw at the belts on his jacket until he had freed his arms and was able to go wild again.

In hopes to keep him from repeating such an action, the doctors brought in a steel cage in which they locked his head. This prevented him from biting anyone else, including himself. He was later tossed into the cellar where he would scream, yell and howl. By that time, he began to hate all human contact and would cower from them when approached and yell madly otherwise.

One day, a fire broke out in the asylum which quickly became serious. Luckily for everyone, everyone escaped the blaze...everyone...except for Ryan....who refused to leave the asylum and remained behind to meet the fate he felt he deserved.

Years later, Ryan Kuhn was recognized by Cyrus to be a tortured soul of unique quality. After being caught....he became the representative of one of the signs of the Black Zodiac....which is how we know and identify him within the movie: The Jackal.

The Jackal, when revealed in the movie in the book containing the spells to open the Eye of Hell, was represented, ironically, by a head entrapped within a gnarled birdcage....irony sure plays a dirty hand.

What does the Jackal have to do with Karasu-Sama? Well, Jackal reminds me of Karasu. They have a bit in common, don't you think?

Karasu: When he falls in love or develops great feelings for something or someone...he kills or destroys it.

Jackal: When Jackal finds something to catch his interest...he tries to rip it apart.

Karasu: He has really pretty long hair

Jackal: I dunno *I* like his long hair.

Karasu: He's a bit of a sadistic fool with mental issues. C'mon, blowing up loved ones is seriously %$#^ed up.

Jackal: Read Jackal's life story.....he's got mental issues too. Both are seriously %$#^ed up.

Karasu: He's determined

Jackal: He looked pretty determined to ME.

Karasu: He has enough sanity and compassion, despite his sadistic nature, to protect others from himself by wearing a mask which dampens his powers and makes him less dangerous and able to do everyday things.

Jackal: Jackal, so the DVD says...the site says differently....had enough sanity to understand he needed help...and committed himself into the asylum to protect others from his ghastly ways. He also decided it was better off to stay behind and be killed rather than live and suffer.

Karasu: Our dear Karasu-Sama wears a mask over his face. However, he puts it there himself to protect others from his sudden urges to cause chaos. He can take it off whenever he wants.

Jackal: Cute and cuddly Jackal has a cage on his head. It was put there by the doctors to protect others and HIMSELF from that merciless and viscious bite. Unlike Karasu....Jackal cannot remove his cage.

I think that's it. I'll add more if I think of more.