The Little Girls

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The Little Girls was a band from my high school that always drew a pretty good crowd any time they played the Battle of the Bands, our parties, or any other shows they might have played around the Kansas City area. They started out as more of a pop-punk/ska outfit, but later matured into more of a straight up rock band. Composed of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Holtman, bassist/vocalist Peter Mancina, and drummer Tim Weintzen, The Little Girls put on great, high energy shows, and they're all some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. In fact, their spastic, jittery stage presence is deceiving for anyone who knows them personally and is familiar with their typically calm, collected demeanor. Regardless, The Little Girls were a fun band that knew how to show people a good time on and off the stage.

Unfortunately, this is the closest thing The Little Girls have to a website.

Little Girls albums I own:

Little Girls

1. Brad Was Raped (1:09)
2. I Don't Wanna Be a Musician (2:42)
3. No Personality (1:26)
4. Bored Drunk (1:21)
5. One Free Mind (3:12)
6. 1, 2 (0:40)
7. JY (1:05)
8. I Don't Wanna Be Aware (2:20)
9. Falling Down (2:50)
10. I'm OK (1:06)
11. CSA (1:21)
12. Five Years (2:20)
13. What We Need (1:35)
14. True Eyes of Paradise (4:33)