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Japanese turntablist and producer DJ Krush is one of the few island-nation throw-ups to be embraced by the global hip-hop world. Releasing material through Sony in Japan, Mo'Wax and Virgin in the U.K., and Axiom, Shadow, and A&M in America, Krush's heady brand of experimental, (largely) instrumental hip-hop has been praised by everyone from hardcore underground hip-hop 'zines like "The Bomb" to the speckless offices of "Rolling Stone" and "Spin". Beginning as a bedroom DJ in the mid-'80s following the Japanese leg of the Wildstyle tour, Krush moved into mobile DJing, backing up rappers, and eventually solo production. Although his Japan-only debut freely mixed elements of R&B and acid jazz with the beefy breakbeat backbone of mid-tempo hip-hop, Krush's work has since tended more toward the abstract, applying heavy effects and sample manipulation to thick, smart breaks, layered, almost ambient textures, and subtle, inventive scratching. Krush came to larger acclaim in the mid-'90s through his association with the London-based Mo'Wax label, which released his Strictly Turntablized in 1994 and Meiso in 1996, both reissued stateside by A&M. While Turntablized is closer to a collection of DJ tools, Meiso is a return of sorts to his earlier work, including rappers such as Guru and CL Smooth on a few tracks and incorporating a wider variety of instrumental sounds and atmospheres. In addition to 1997's Milight, Krush also featured on a number of various-artist collections, including Mo'Wax's celebrated Headz, as well as Altered Beats and Axiom Dub (both out on Bill Laswell's Axiom label). Kakusei appeared on Mo'Wax/Columbia in 1999, followed by the mix albums Code 4109 and Tragicomic the next year. Sean Cooper

DJ Krush - Official site.

DJ Krush albums I own:


1. Toh-Sui (4:57)
2. Tobira-1 (0:35)
3. Mu-Getsu (6:19)
4. Ha-Doh (5:24)
5. Sun Is Shining (6:52)
6. Mu-Chu (6:28)
7. Tobira-2 (0:45)
8. Fu-Yu (4:56)
9. Ki-Gen (4:40)
10. Ko-Ku (5:23)
11. Shoh-Ka (4:39)
12. Bu-Seki (4:58)
13. Tobira-3 (0:44)

Code 4109

1. Krush, DJ - Intro (0:59)
2. Legion, The - Jingle Jangle (Mental Mix) (1:32)
3. Gravity - Back to the Essence (2:18)
4. Cam, DJ - No Competition (3:52)
5. Wiz, Nick - Four Elements; Klemmer, John - Yes to Life; Beats International - Just Be Good to Me (Acappella) (4:00)
6. 45 King, The - Flipshot; Klemmer, John - Love I Life/Life Is Love (2:11)
7. Old World Disorder featuring Eminem - 3hree6ix5ive (Detrimental) (2:18)
8. Gravity featuring Kamam Leung - What Is It... (3:00)
9. Monkey Ken & DJ Seto featuring Hazaed & Daddy Shadow - Taiyou Ga Arukagiri; Orchestra & Choir of Bulgarian Radio - Polegnata E Pschenitza (3:33)
10. Krush, DJ - No More featuring DJ Yas & DJ Kazu for Kemuri Productions (4:35)
11. Jazzanove - Coffee Talk (3:19)
12. Fashion, DJ - Wild Drums (0:48)
13. Virtuoso - Incinerator (Radio Version) (1:51)
14. Krush, DJ - Final Home (Vocal Version) featuring Esthero (4:24)
15. Krush, DJ - Ryu Tou (8:23)
16. Tha Blue Herb - Chie No Wa (4:42)
17. -Ryu- - Iléktrik (5:01)
18. -Ryu- - Beataholic Reformatory featuring The Beat Knuckles (6:51)
19. Krush, DJ - Kemuri; Muraolka, Minoru and New Demention Group - El Condora Pasa (4:45)