Jimmy Eat World

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Founded by four friends from Mesa, Arizona, who knew eachother since kindergarten, Jimmy Eat World was named after guitarist Tom Linton's brothers, Ed and Jimmy. After a fight between the brothers, Ed drew a picture of Jimmy devouring the planet, captioned "Jimmy Eat World." I've never heard the super early Jimmy material, but I will say that Static Prevails and Clarity are definitely recommended. Static Prevails offers a more hard-hitting pop-punk roster of songs - good driving music. Clarity, however, is arguably Jimmy Eat World's finest moment, with brilliant songwriting, instrumentation, emotional expression, and overall energy. Clarity is a true masterpiece which, sadly, marked the end of Jimmy Eat World as respectable musicians.

Yes, all good things must come to a trend, and Jimmy Eat World is no exception. What started out as an extremely tight, focused emo/indie outfit quickly became a favorite among hormonal teenage idiots with 2001's Bleed American. Bleed American offered little more than radio-friendly power-pop-punk that Britney Spears and N*SUCK fans could listen to when they felt rebellious. As if the new album wasn't shit enough, and to make things worse Bleed American was retitled to Jimmy Eat World because of its release's proximity to the events of September 11th, 2001. Such a combination of bad music and political correctness has since left me skeptical that I will ever again see the Jimmy Eat World I once knew.

Jimmy Eat World - Official site.

Jimmy Eat World albums I own:

Static Prevails

1. Thinking, That's All (2:52)
2. Rockstar (3:47)
3. Claire (3:40)
4. Call It in the Air (3:00)
5. Seventeen (3:33)
6. Episode IV (4:28)
7. Digits (7:29)
8. Caveman (4:34)
9. World Is Static (3:56)
10. In the Same Room (4:57)
11. Robot Factory (3:58)
12. Anderson Mesa (5:14)


1. Table for Glasses (4:21)
2. Lucky Denver Mint (3:50)
3. Your New Aesthetic (2:39)
4. Believe in What You Want (3:07)
5. Sunday, A (4:31)
6. Crush (3:12)
7. 12.23.95 (3:43)
8. Ten (3:48)
9. Just Watch the Fireworks (7:02)
10. For Me This Is Heaven (4:04)
11. Blister (3:30)
12. Clarity (4:02)
13. Goodbye Sky Harbor (16:14)