The (International) Noise Conspiracy

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The (International) Noise Conspiracy is the latest brainchild of former Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzén. Whereas Refused was a very decidedly hardcore, screamo outfit, The INC is almost unrecognizable by Lyxzén standards. Stylistically, The INC could not be any further away from Refused, with their neo-Mod, 60's-esque euro-pop. But just like Refused, while the music may be catchy, it can be hard to get past Lyxzén's socialist leanings.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Official site.

(International) Noise Conspiracy albums I own:

Survival Sickness

1. I Wanna Know About U (2:30)
2. Subversive Sound, The (2:39)
3. Smash It Up (3:13)
4. (I've Got) Survival Sickness (4:10)
5. Reproduction of Death, The (3:47)
6. Impostor Costume (2:56)
7. (2:22)
8. Only Lovers Left Alive (2:42)
9. Do I Have to Spell It Out? (4:00)
10. Will It Ever Be Quiet? (3:45)
11. Enslavement Blues (3:19)
12. Ready Steady Go! (4:15)