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Southern California ska revivalists Hepcat make music that's just pleasant to listen to. I'm typically very antagonistic towards ska, but I'll make an exception for Hepcat, simply because they're not nearly as irritating as other ska outfits. In fact, they're not really irritating at all, which really sets them apart from others in their scene. Honestly, aside from their amazing harmonies and Caribbean melodies, Hepcat possesses some pretty impressive jazz chops. All told, Hepcat's music just puts me at ease. Very relaxing, intelligent, and at times, witty.

Hepcat - Official site.

Hepcat albums I own:

Right on Time

1. Right on Time (0:40)
2. I Can't Wait (3:22)
3. Goodbye Street (3:36)
4. Secret, The (3:07)
5. Pharoah's Dreams (3:27)
6. No Worries (3:39)
7. Mama Used to Say (4:03)
8. Rudies All Around (4:15)
9. Tommy's Song (4:00)
10. Nigel (2:42)
11. Together Someday (3:50)
12. Baby Blues (4:43)
13. Open Season....Is Closed (8:23)
14. Secret, The (Secret Remix) (0:00.2)