James Hardway

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Well, the first thing I must say about James Hardway is that my purchase of his 2000 release, A Positive Sweat, was definitely an impulse purchase. I mean, the little sticker on the cover said, "Gorgeous Jazzy Drum n'Bass," so I had to love it. But when I first listened to it, I wasn't disappointed so much as I was confused. It's not bad music; it just takes a while, a long while, to grow on you. I was expecting something that would sound like old Peshay tunes from the Metalheadz era, lots of vibes and stand-up bass, but what I heard was literally a jazz ensemble jamming away while some guy in the corner layed out breakbeats and snare rushes with a turntable and sampler. It sounded crude at first, but eventually the uniqueness of it all pulled me in. I have to say that A Positive Sweat is a good listen for anyone with the patience to listen to something repeatedly in order to appreciate it. Straight from the Fridge, however, was a disappointment in that it's more of a smooth jazz album than anything else, which thoroughly repulsed me, with the exception of one drum and bass track. Everything else on it sounds like adult contemporary/smooth jazz. Bleh. Oh, and Amanda Ghost does most of the vocals for A Positive Sweat, for anyone who was wondering. Whatever.

James Hardway - Official site.

James Hardway albums I own:

Positive Sweat, A

1. Grow (3:41)
2. Yen for the Sweeten, A (5:26)
3. Pulling Weeds (3:53)
4. Bossnova (4:55)
5. Sleep Tonight (6:01)
6. Way West (5:08)
7. Go On (5:14)
8. Our Cousin Frank (5:41)
9. Lament (4:42)
10. Livin' the Life (5:39)
11. Feriha (6:04)
12. Canter's Diner 4AM (6:53)
13. Grow (Justice's Scratch the Surface Mix) (5:34)
14. Go On (Klute Remix) (5:00)

Straight from the Fridge

1. Happiness Brakes (4:44)
2. Earth Runnings (4:06)
3. Andrea's Chimes (1:04)
4. Dangerblue (3:50)
5. Jump Up Natural (5:18)
6. Heart Beat (1:07)
7. Going Home (4:13)
8. Biltmore Piano, The (1:20)
9. Speak Softly (6:40)
10. Hank & Larry Dreams (2:09)
11. Can't Show Love (5:59)
12. Shinto (1:11)
13. Uptown (4:55)
14. Backwards in Time (2:22)