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HUM is quite possibly my favorite band of all time, edging out Molly McGuire, Shiner, and just about everyone else at the top of my list. They're also one of way too many bands that I didn't truly appreciate until after they called it quits and that I never got to see live.

As for why I like them, there are a number of reasons. First, I really like Matt Talbot's monotone vocal style. That kind of shit usually never works, but I think I just really like the earnest tone of voice he employs in his music. I'm also a big fan of HUM's obsession with outer space and sci-fi, and somehow combining that with an ability to turn every piece of music they write into a song about lost love. It's nice to see that someone could write love songs that weren't so obviously love songs. HUM played around with it and really made you think about what was being said, instead of spoon-feeding its audience. HUM also had a thing for (very) loud, distorted guitars with a lot of chorus pedal, which gave the band a very up front, yet liquid sound, reminiscent of the shoegazer scene.

So HUM's mixture of languid vocals, surrealistic sci-fi romance, and wall of sound guitar assault means that in their hey-day, these boys were a bunch of lovesick sci-fi nerds who could blow away any audience without a second thought.

HUM - Fansite.

HUM albums I own:

Electra 2000

1. Iron Clad Lou (5:51)
2. Pinch & Roll (3:26)
3. Shovel (4:30)
4. Pewter (4:09)
5. Scraper (3:20)
6. Firehead (3:29)
7. Sundress (3:57)
8. Double Dip (5:16)
9. Winder (5:47)
10. Diffuse (4:34)

You'd Prefer an Astronaut

1. Little Dipper (4:43)
2. Pod, The (4:37)
3. Stars (5:09)
4. Suicide Machine (5:57)
5. Very Old Man, The (2:44)
6. Why I Like the Robins (4:58)
7. I'd Like Your Hair Long (5:25)
8. I Hate It Too (5:58)
9. Songs of Farewell and Departure (6:16)

Downward Is Heavenward

1. Isle of the Cheetah (6:38)
2. Comin' Home (2:45)
3. If You Are to Bloom (5:11)
4. Ms. Lazarus (3:38)
5. Afternoon with the Axolotls (6:27)
6. Green to Me (3:55)
7. Dreamboat (6:06)
8. Inuit Promise, The (6:06)
9. Apollo (5:47)
10. Scientists, The (5:25)