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Gunfighter is without a doubt in my top five favorite bands of all time - definitely my favorite Kansas City/Midwest area band. Formed by Molly McGuire frontman/guitarist/songwriter Jason Blackmore as a Molly sideproject, Gunfighter became a full time gig after Molly McGuire found a major-label dick up their asses. It's a long story, but let's just say they got fucked. Anyway, in it's early days, Gunfighter was just Molly McGuire with a new rhythm section - bassist Ray Jankowski dropped out to raise a child, and drummer Jason Gerken got picked up by another Kansas City outfit, Shiner, .

Unless you're already familiar with the style, Gunfighter's music is anything but easy to explain. The Midwest, particularly Kansas City, definitely has a style of rock that is unique to the area, much like the fabled "Seattle Sound" of the grunge days. A good training regimen to bring yourself up to speed on the K.C. sound would be to listen to a lot of old Molly McGuire, Shiner, Season to Risk, Boy's Life (they may be a bit too emo, but they still count), and, if you can even find it, Giant's Chair, as well as a few out-of-towners such as Oklahoma City's Traindodge, and Champaign, Illinois' legendary HUM.

Gunfighter plays this style with considerable skill, getting the most out of quirky rhythms, unconventional chord voicings, and dissonant melodies. Again, I can't stress enough how important it is to actually hear this music as opposed to reading about it. That's why I suggest visiting Gunfighter's official site, as well as my other pages that cover the many other purveyors of the Kansas City sound.

Gunfighter - Official site.

Gunfighter albums I own:


1. Dead Girls (2:43)
2. What's Really In (3:57)
3. Captain Acid (3:01)
4. Blue (4:33)
5. My Fucking Head Is Gone (3:13)
6. Snow in June (4:08)
7. Ceiling, The (3:22)
8. Floor, The (8:33)
9. Q (4:21)
10. Least Bit, The (4:58)
11. Don't You Wish (2:33)
12. Dreamsickle (8:42)
13. Lucky Number 13 (Hidden) (2:05)

High Noon

1. Who's Happy Now? (3:12)
2. Thirty Three Teeth (2:50)
3. Crash (4:04)
4. Dog with Bone (0:35)
5. Lipstick and Lemonade (2:37)
6. Mission Accomplished (2:25)
7. Beautiful Colors (2:24)
8. I Have Wings (3:18)
9. Tall and Thin (5:55)
10. (0:05.9)
11. Angel (3:08)
12. Mechanism (4:11)

Split EP (With Traindodge)

1. Gunfighter - Clean Kills and Other Trophies (2:01)
2. Gunfighter - Run Angel Run (7:24)
3. Traindodge - United Skeletons (6:06)
4. Traindodge - When the Wicked Walk with Fire (1. Accident at Dusk, 2. The Proposition, 3. Revenge of the Cursed) (7:48)