Grand Tourism

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The easiest way to describe Grand Tourism would be to compare their brand of electronica to the laid back lounge stylings of Thievery Corporation. That is, of course, until you recognize their genre-defying blend of disco, pop, and glam rock that makes up the rest of their style. Grand Tourism is definitely a standout amidst the resurgence of electronic artists with a soft spot for 1960's European pop. Just imagine yourself in a sidewalk cafe in London (or Paris) while you listen to this, as you wait for Austin Powers to come tearing around the corner in his Shaguar.

Grand Tourism - Official site.

Grand Tourism albums I own:

Grand Tourism

1. Jim Clark Theorem (5:18)
2. Les Courants d'Air (Featuring Terry Callier) (4:59)
3. Snakeplayer (5:18)
4. Bassmajazz (5:00)
5. Hybrid Story (3:53)
6. Variations sur Emma Peel (3:14)
7. Sweet Sitar Street (3:58)
8. Act of Love (Featuring Ken Norris) (4:22)
9. Le Surboomer (4:06)
10. Romantic Hold Up (Featuring Angie B.) (4:02)
11. La Baie du Fakir (4:21)
12. Vega Music (1:22)
13. La Guitare Enchantée (16:22)