Danny Gatton

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Washington, D.C. native Danny Gatton may not have achieved any superstar caliber success, but he is regarded in the music community to be one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Much of this reputation is owed to Gatton's seemingly limitless range of influences and genres, which came to a tragic end in 1994 when he locked himself in his garage and shot himself without any explanation. I never really knew who he was until my aunt's husband let me have one of his CD's. While I respect Gatton's musical ability, the only song I really like on 88 Elmira St. is Elmira St. Boogie, a swing number in the tradition of the Stray Cats. But if curiosity gets the better of you, then feel free to visit Danny Gatton's official site.

Danny Gatton - Official site.

Danny Gatton albums I own:

88 Elmira St.

1. Funky Mama (5:43)
2. Elmira St. Boogie (4:07)
3. Blues Newburg (4:11)
4. Quiet Village (4:53)
5. Red Label (5:08)
6. In My Room (4:53)
7. Simpsons, The (3:18)
8. Muthaship (4:40)
9. Pretty Blue (6:11)
10. Fandingus (3:08)
11. Slidin' Home (4:58)