The Feds

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The Feds started out in Kansas City in the mid-90's as a neo-funk outfit in the tradition of 311, minus 311's infantile obsession with telling everyone how much they love weed. But after their Demo '97 release failed to bring them the success that local arts papers seemed to claim was guaranteed they simply disappeared. But after about three years of near-silence, The Feds relocated to Fort Worth, Texas (my god, why? - I just got out of there!), revamped their style, and now sound more like Molly McGuire and Shiner than the 311 sound-alikes they once were.

The Feds - Official site.

Feds albums I own:

Demo '97

1. Hotty (2:13)
2. Not Here (3:11)
3. Identity (3:13)
4. Tee It Up (3:19)
5. Hiding Place (3:20)
6. Scraps (3:17)