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I'm not even going to try to explain the history of CKY in my own words, so I'm just going to quote All Music Guide:

CKY (short for Camp Kill Yourself) is comprised of members Deron Miller (vocals, guitar), Chad Ginsburg (guitar), Vern Zaborowski (bass), and Jess Margera (drums). Originally hailing from West Chester, PA, the roots of CKY stretch back to 1994, when friends Miller and Margera formed the group Foreign Objects issuing the EP The Undiscovered Numbers & Colors on the Distant Recordings label a year later. By 1996, the group had changed its name to Camp Kill Yourself (Miller thought up the name, thinking it would make a perfect title for a horror movie), while demos were recorded and the other members fell into place. The quartet caught a break when Margera's pro skateboarding brother, Bam, was featured doing wacky acts on the video Jump off a Building, which featured a song ("Genesis 12a") from CKY. Bam was offered to do other videos, and called upon his brother's band to supply the soundtracks resulting in the release of the Camp Kill Yourself: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, which included all the songs from the videos. CKY appeared as part of the 1999 and 2000 Warped Tour, as they issued a limited-edition EP, Disengage the Simulator. CKY's songs have also been featured on the popular MTV show Jackass (which prominently featured good ol' Bam), and in 2001, both volumes of Camp Kill Yourself were reissued, just as the group was signed to Def Jam/Island. Greg Prato

CKY - Official site.

CKY albums I own:

Volume 1

1. 96 Quite Bitter Beings (3:21)
2. Rio Bravo (3:10)
3. Disengage the Simulator (3:03)
4. Human Drive in Hi-Fi, The (3:20)
5. Lost in a Contraption (3:22)
6. Knee Deep (3:35)
7. My Promiscuous Daughter (3:16)
8. Sara's Mask (5:01)
9. To All of You (23:42)

Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild

1. Escape from Hellview (3:41)
2. Flesh into Gear (3:06)
3. Sink into the Underground (2:58)
4. Attached at the Hip (2:59)
5. Frenetic Amnesic (3:20)
6. Shock and Terror (3:07)
7. Plastic Plan (3:54)
8. Inhuman Creation Station (4:08)
9. Sporadic Movement (2:42)
10. Close Yet Far (3:51)