Junior Brown

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Junior Brown is the man. All the proof you need is in any one of his rockabilly country/rock guitar solos, his ultra-deep baritone croon, and the fact that this badass builds his own guitars.

Unimpressed with the total lack of creativity in modern country music, or as I call it, farm pop, Junior Brown makes old fashioned country music that would make Hank proud.

Junior Brown - Official site.

Junior Brown albums I own:


1. Gotta Get Up Every Morning (1:59)
2. Darlin’ I’ll Do Anything You Say (2:51)
3. I Hung It Up (3:35)
4. I Want to Hear It from You (3:15)
5. Semi-Crazy (Vocal Duet with Red Simpson) (3:26)
6. Hong Kong Blues (3:35)
7. Venom Wearin’ Denim (2:37)
8. Parole Board (3:43)
9. Joe the Singing Janitor (3:14)
10. Surf Medley (7:04)