Adam F

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Adam Fenton is another up and coming artist from the Metalheadz camp of drum and bass DJ's and MC's. Fenton strives to stand apart from the crowd by throwing in a wider variety of styles, ie. jazz, funk, and soul, a la Goldie. His full-length "Circles" is a must-have.

While there is no official site, there is an All Music Guide entry for Adam F in addition to various fansites scattered about the web.

Adam F albums I own:


1. Intro (1:04)
2. 73 (1:29)
3. Metropolis (6:31)
4. Music in My Mind (5:18)
5. Jaxx (5:12)
6. Mother Earth (5:05)
7. Tree Knows Everything, The (Clean Edit) (4:26)
8. Circles (Album Edit) (7:15)
9. Dirty Harry (Grooverider Remix) (6:48)
10. F-Jam (Album Edit) (5:44)
11. Aromatherapy (Edit) (7:05)
12. Circles (Roni Size Mix) (8:25)