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Bob Cock Loves You - To be brief, Bob Cock was very close to the members of Primus. Bob was a very disgruntled man whose perfectly balanced formula of anger and comedy was simply priceless. However, a "heart attack" took him in July of 1999, yet reports of him faking his death multiple times in years past have made a skeptic of me.

Darwin Awards - "The Darwin Awards honor those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways. We commemorate those who gave their all, adding a dose of chlorine to the pool."

How Stuff Works - This site is awesome. If you want to know how anything* works, go here.

* Does not explain voting behaviors for residents of Palm Beach, Florida.

I-Mockery - More beautiful cynicism.

The Onion - Fake news. It's so entertaining, I wish it was true.

Portal of Evil - A very intriguing collection of some of the most disturbing, incomprehensible, stupid, and just plain worthless sites on the web. Favorite searches include Icy Hot Stuntaz, Peter Pan, and the Jan Michael Vincent Guestbook.

Rate It All - The Opinion Network. This has become my latest obsession, rating, well, everything. From bad habits to bestselling authors to cars to music, millions of people submit their opinions on just about everything under the sun. For my ratings/comments, go here.

Similar Minds - Personality Test. Take the free test and be creeped out. There's even a compatibility test, so you can finally see if that torrid little romp you had last weekend with Janet Reno is going to work out.*

* Requires Janet Reno's consent/participation.

SteakandCheese - Huge collection of funny/bizarre/disgusting pictures, movies, programs, and audio clips.

Superbad - Your guess is as good as mine.

T-Shirt Hell - There's not much to say about this one. Power.