Irresistible Super-Stud:
The Joe Hundredaire Story

You’re probably asking yourself just what the hell’s going on here.
Is this a crossover or isn’t it?
Well, that’s a very complicated question.

Along time ago, on a forum far, far away...

Over at the Twisting the Hellmouth forums, we like to make fun of challenges that seem impossible of just stupid. While having a look through the various challenges, trying to find something I could work with, I came across one that had the following requested parings in a Halloween challenge:

“X/B/W/T or X/D/W/T or X/D/F”

What could this mean?

(Ignoring that Tara wasn’t in season 2)

(Ignoring that Dawn and Tara weren’t in season 2)

(Ignoring that Dawn and Faith weren’t in season 2)

Strange pairings aside, how does he go from “Xander shaped friend” to “irresistible super-stud” overnight?

Questions were asked, opinions raised, and it was suggested that Xander must have dressed as Twisting the Hellmouth icon, JoeHundredaire. It was then suggested that someone should write the story, and that someone should be me (Joe and I rarely see eye-to-eye).

It goes without saying that I excepted the challenge, resulting in the following story.

Chapter 1: Setting The Stage

Chapter 2: Game-On




Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all associated characters were created by Joss Whedon and are owned by Mutant Enemy.
Natalia Romanoff (a.k.a. the Black Widow) was created by Brian Michael Bendis & Terry Moore (at least according to Wikipedia) and is owned by Marvel Comics.
Pussy Galore was created by Ian Fleming and I presume is owned by his estate.
Joe Hundredaire is probably a figment of my imagination brought forth to torment me (much like The Janitor in season 1 of Scrubs), but some claim he is a real person and writer/moderator here
Twisting the Hellmouth. I will reserve judgment for now...

With thanks to Saturn for the beta.

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