Author: Jeff Baker (aka, Jeff-B, JA Baker, Sinister Dexter) 
Pairing: Rommie/Beka?
Rating: 12 (PG-13) 
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Disclaimers: It's not mine its Roddenberry's and Tribunes. 
Summary: Beka confronts Rommie about her feelings for Dylan.

Note: With thanks to Furball for the Beta.

Saved by the Bell

“Hey, wait up!” Rommie looked round to see Beka walking along the corridor towards her. She stood and waited while the blond first officer caught up with her. As Beka got closer, Rommie couldn’t help but notice that she was not wearing her regular combat-trousers and T-shit outfit: instead she ware a pair of tight leggings that hugged her shapely thighs, and a equally-tight top that made it quite clear that she was not wearing anything underneath.

Beka stopped just in front of Rommie, a smile on her face, “Hey, I wanted to talk to you about what I said the other night.” Rommie nodded, “About me not waiting for Dylan to decide if he wants me, to move on.” Beka smiled, “Well, have you thought about it?” Rommie shrugged, “Kind of, but what’s the point? I spend almost all my time on-ship, so I’m not likely to meet anyone. Trance has already staked her claim on Harper, and we both know what Tyr’s view of me is.”

Taking a few steps forward, Beka forced Rommie to back up against a bulkhead. She planted her hand next to Rommie’s head, blocking the Avatar’s only line of retreat, “They’re not the only ones on the ship you know.”

Rommie didn’t know how to take Beka’s statement: the two of them where friends, and spent a lot of their free time together, but Rommie had never seen Beka as anything other that that. But now, with the first officers’ body in such close proximity to her own, Rommie was forced to face the fact that Beka was a very attractive woman, and on some level, she did indeed feel drawn to her.

Beka seemed to read Rommie’s mind, and moved her head closer, “There are other options you know, less common, but still very satisfying.” Her lips hovered scant centimeters from Rommie’s: slightly open and oh so very inviting.

Rommie felt her own lips art as Beka moved closer, her eyes locked on the other woman. Beka’s voice was but a whisper, “There are other people who have feelings for you, people who care a great deal for you. Maybe people you could care for too?” Rommie’s eyes widened slightly as she went to close the gap between the two of them.

“All crew report to command!” Dylan’s voice echoed out of the PA system, startling both of them. Beka took a step backwards, “Saved by the bell: Maybe next time.”  

The End.

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