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Here will, when I'm ready to post it all, my fan-fiction based on the show Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda.

It's a brilliant show, and I've written quite a bit of fan-fiction for it, I just need to get it bate-read before I start posting it here.

But, I do have few story's that HAVE been bate-read, so I can post them:

Title Summery
Face the Music The fist kiss, confusion, grief and love, in roughly that order
Intolerance Sequel to Face the Music: Rommie and Dylan's relationship courses trouble when a planet founded by religious extremist asks to join the new Commonwealth
Unexpected News *Coming soon* Sequel to Intolerance: Rommie has some unexpected news for Dylan, changing both of their lives forever
Chrysalis *Coming soon* Sequel to Unexpected News: an attempt of Rommieís life has unforeseen consequences
Eye of the Storm Andromeda/SG-1 cross over: The crew of the Andromeda recover a metal ring from an old High Guard base
Saved by the Bell Beka confronts Rommie about her feelings for Dylan
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Beka contemplates her relationship with Rommie
Love and Addiction Sequel to I Donít Want To Miss A Thing: Rommie contemplates her relationship with Beka as she goes through a night of Flash withdrawal
She Sequel to Love and Addiction: Dylan thinks about Rommie & Bekaís relationship
Old Friends Andromeda runs into and old friend, resulting in tension between Harper and Tyr
Friendís Old and New Sequel to Old Friends: Mary returns, with shocking news for Harper
Friends and Family *Coming soon* Mary and Travis are kidnapped, prompting Harper, Tyr, Mark and Orion to go AWOL
Final farewell Rommie says her final farewell to Dylan
Guilty Secret Dylanís dose a little soul-searching at the end of Star Crossed, contemplating his true feelings for Rommie
The bottom of the bottle Two of the crew seek solace in the bottom of a bottle
Knife Edge Sequel to Eye of the Storm; To protect the future, the crew of the Andromeda must save the past...

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