Face the Music

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Author: Jeff B
Pairing: Rommie/Dylan
Rating: 12 (PG-13)
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Disclaimers: It's not mine it's Roddenberry's and Tribunes. (If i owned it, I'd be writing episodes)
Summary: The fist kiss, confusion, grief and love, in roughly that order

Part 1: Lady in Red

Beka walked along the line the assembled crew had gotten into: Dylan had for once forgone his High Guard uniform, and was wearing a Tuxedo. Harper was wearing a suit that had probably been in fashion a decade before. Tyr was dressed in a surprisingly well-cut suit that he claimed had been a gift from a previous employer. Trance looked stunning in a floral-dress that seemed to complement her purple skin perfectly.

Beka took a moment to check her own dress in the mirror: the midnight blue gown fitted her perfectly, but considering how much she had paid for it, it should. She turned to the others, “Ok, remember: this is the FTA annual dinner and dance. It is a hugely important event, and the fact that we have been invited says something about Dylan’s planes to re-form the Commonwealth. So everyone is to be on his or her best behavior. And has anyone seen Rommie?”

“Here I am.” Came a voice from behind her. Beka span round, “It’s about time…” she gasped as she saw what Rommie was wearing: the long silk dress was a dark shade of red that set off Rommie’s hair perfectly. It was tight and loose in all the right places, and fitted the Avatar perfectly. She looked simple stunning.

Harper was the first to get his voice back, “Wow! Rommie, where did you get THAT?” Rommie looked down at the dress, “This? I made it. Why, is something wrong?” she looked worried. Harper was almost drooling, “No! No, it’s, it’s perfect!” Rommie smiled sweetly, “Thank you Harper. You look very nice yourself.” Beka regained control of her voice, “Ok, let’s go!” as the crew filed through the airlock, Rommie stopped by a computer display. The main AI appeared, “Have fun.”

Rommie smiled, “Don’t wait up.”