Final farewell

Rommie stood before the house for what felt like eons before she finally plucked up the courage to walk up the steppes and ring the doorbell. She waited, her hands wringing nervously, as she heard the slow footsteps heading her way. The door opened slightly, then fully, and an old man in a tattered dressing gown stood before her, “Well, I see the years have been better to you than they have to me. You better come in.” Rommie nodded slightly and followed him into the house.

The old man led the way into the living room and sat in a comfortable chair by the fireplace, “So, what brings you all the way to Moebius?” Rommie sat on a chair facing him, “I received a message from Harper: He told me you were sick.” The old man shook his head, “I’m not sick, I’m dying. It happens to us all. Even you, one day.” Rommie nodded, “Well, I felt like I should come see you one last time: It has been twenty years.” He smiled, “I got old Rommie, and gallivanting about saving the universe is a job for the young.”

Rommie looked at him, concern in her eyes, “Is there nothing the doctors can do?” He shook his head, “Not unless I want to end up a cyborg, more metal than man. I know that’s the path Harper took, but it’s not for me: I’ll meet my end the way I am thank you very much.” Rommie nodded, “There’s something I need to ask, something I need to know: Why did you send me away like that?”

The old man sighed, “Because if you saw me grow old while you stayed young it would have done more harm then just cutting you off clean and simple.” Rommie looked at him, “You know I love you: I always have and I always will.” He nodded, “I know, and I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone, but you need to move on. This is one of the reasons they used to have rules about this sort of thing: your kind live much longer than any organic species, but your memories and feelings stay the same.”

Rommie nodded, “I understand, but I needed to say goodbye properly this time.” She knelt on the floor before him and kissed him on the forehead, “Goodbye Dylan.” He smiled, “Goodbye Rommie my love.” Without saying another word, Rommie stood and walked out, leaving before he could see the tears that were running down her cheek.

The End.

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