My Top comic-book characters

I like to read comics, and maybe showing you who my  favourite characters are will shed a little light on my personality.

Nikolai Dante

Real Name: Nikolai Dante

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Thief/adventurer/brigand, formally Captain in the Rudinshtein Irregulars

Affiliations: none, formally the House of Romanov

Enemies: Tsar Vladimir the Conqueror

Known Relatives: Dmitri Romanov (father, probably deceased), Katarina Dante (mother), Jocasta Romanov (aunt) Valentine Romanov (half-brother, deceased), Konstantine Romanov (half-brother), Andreas Romanov (half-brother, deceased), Victor Romanov (half-brother, probably deceased), Lulu Romanov (half-sister), Aleksandr Romanov (half-brother, deceased), Aleksandra Romanov (half-sister, deceased), Nastasia Romanov (half-sister, deceased), Arkady Romanov (half-brother).

Aliases: The Gentleman Thief, Nikolai Romanov

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

History: After the Last Revolution, many of the old Soviet states and nations lay in ruins. But from the ashes the Mafiya Clans rose, remaking themselves as aristocratic dynasties. Vladimir the Conqueror emerged as leader of the most powerful house, the Makarovs, and appointed himself Tsar of All the Russia's. This brave new world mixes aliens and anachronisms, with bio-weapons and shape shifters as common as Imperial concubines and noble duels. Nothing is ever as it seems.

Nikolai Dante is the bastard offspring of infamous female pirate Katarina Dante and Dmitri Romanov, vicious patriarch of the Romanov Dynasty. After a decade of fending for himself as a thief and adventurer, Dante bonds with a cyborganic Weapons Crest and joins the ranks of Romanovs. Dante's Romanov half-siblings admire his street-wise skills, but if Dante is going to survive in his new role, it will be how he always does - by looking after number one.

Powers/Abilities: Dante's Weapons Crest is a highly sophisticated battle computer which enables him to extend cyborganic 'swords' from his hands and enhances his natural healing abilities. The Crest is also duty bound to educate its host in the ways of aristocracy and mould him into a potential ruler of the universe.

The Huntsman 5000 is an alien firearm, coded to Dante's geneprint. Ammunition is created internally and replenished automatically. When targeted and fired, shells instantaneously adapt into the most effective means of terminating the enemy - whoever or whatever they may be

For more information on ďThe Russian RougeĒ, try Simon Fraserís Semi-Official Nikolai Dante Website or 2000-ADís Nikolai Dante page


Sinister Dexter

Real Name: Finnigan Rapunzel Sinister, Ramone Algonquin Winnebago Dexter

Identity/Class: Human technology users

Occupation: Gun Sharks

Affiliations: Each other, Demi and Billy Octavo, formally 'Holy' Moses Tenenbaum

Enemies: 'Holy' Moses Tenenbaum, Rod & His Staff, The Tsar

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Downlode.

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Each man is an expert killer. When it comes to weapons Sinister favours a cut-down H&K Scatta-maticģ Minigu, while Dex uses a pair of chrome-plated nine mil Ruger automatic pistols.

History: Sinister and Dexter are Gun Sharks, contract killers in the city of Downlode, a huge city that has grown up across the heart of central Europe in the near future. They are known as the best in the business, they never turn down a kill, no matter how dangerous.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and David Millgate.

The pairs preferred mode of transportation is Dexter's customised Edsel convertible.

Sinister is Latin for left, while Dexter is Latin for right. Finnigan is Irish, Ramone Spanish.

The Sinister Dexter index is a good place to go for info, as is 2000-ADís Sinister Dexter Page.


Judge Dredd

Real Name: Joe Dredd

Identity/Class: Clone with cybernetic eyes, otherwise normal human

Occupation: Judge - law enforcement officer

Affiliations: The Judges of Mega-City One, in particular: Anderson; Giant (I); Giant (II); Rico; Chief Judge Hershey. Ally of Fergee; Johnny Alpha (reluctantly); Spikes Harvey Rotten; Tweek; Batman (reluctantly)

Enemies: Perps, including, but not limited to: The Angel Gang (Pa, Fink, Mean, Link and Junior); Brotherhood of Darkness; Chief Judge Cal; The Dark Judges (Death, Fire, Fear, Mortis, the Sisters of Death); Kazan; The Mutant; Orlok; "Scarface" Joe Levine; Stan Lee; Whitey

Known Relatives: Rico (clone brother); Fargo (source of his cloned material); Kraken (clone of Fargo); Judge Rico (clone of Fargo); Vienna (niece)

Aliases: Old Stoney Face, The Old Man

Base of Operations: Mega-City One, where crime runs riot. This urban sprawl is home to 400 million citizens, every one a potential criminal. The city is spread down the Eastern coast of what was once the United States of America. Unemployment is endemic, boredom is universal and only the Judges can prevent total anarchy.

First Appearance: "Judge Whitey", Judge Dredd story, 2000 A.D. #2 (12 March 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Dredd has bionic eyes to replace ones ripped out by an enemy several years back, but while they give him excellent vision, they are not superhuman. He is as physically fit as any human can get, and exceptionally skilled in all forms of combat. As a Judge he has available to him an incredible array of equipment and specialist back-up, should his regular weaponry of Lawgiver gun and Lawmaster bike prove insufficient.

2000-ADís Judge Dredd page.


 The Authority

The Authority

Membership: Apollo, Jack Hawksmoor, Midnighter, Swift, the Doctor, the Engineer, Jenny Sparks

Purpose: To defend the Earth from threats, both external and internal

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Sliding Albion, Kaizen Gamorra

Base of Operations: The Carrier

First Appearance: The Authority #1 (Wildstorm)

History: The Authority was a team put together by Jenny Sparks after the demise of Stormwatch. Containing individuals of exceptional power, beyond even that possessed by most other super-teams, the Authority is designed to handle global threats of any nature. It answers to nobody, and is beholden to none. Rather the team's view is that if ANYONE steps out of line and threatens the safety of the Earth or its people, then they will answer to the Authority.

The Authority recently conquered America.




Membership: Jakita Wagner, The Drummer, Elijah Snow; Ambrose Chase (deceased); the Fourth Man

Purpose: To seek out the hidden truths of our world

Affiliations: Doc Brass, Anna Hark, John Stone

Enemies: The Four Voyagers

Base of Operations: Worldwide (and beyond)

First Appearance: Planetary #1 (Wildstorm)

History: "This is Planetary. Three people who walk the world in search of strangeness and wonder, uncovering things others wish were left covered. They are the mystery archeologists, explorers of the planet's secret history, charting the unseen borders of a fantastic world."

Planetary's origins are a mystery - founded and funded by the mysterious "Fourth Man", it has sought out the hidden truths of our world for several years. The team always consists of three members, and while they are all superhuman, they do not seek to battle evil or injustice; rather they look to discover the truths behind a world stranger than most can imagine.

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