Who is the real Jeff B?

 "I have walked the edge of the Abyss.
I have governed the unwilling.
I have witnessed countless empires break before me.
I have seen the most courageous soldiers fall away in fear.
[I was there with the Angel at the tomb]

I have seen your future.
And I have learned.

There will be no more Sadness.
No more Anger.
No more Envy.


Oh, and your poet Eliot had it all wrong:
THIS is the way the world ends."

Extract from The Cortana Letters

A friend once told me that I have the most relaxed and laidback outlook on life he had ever seen. He doesn’t know me as well as he evidently thinks, but he does have a point.

A long, long time ago I came to the realisation that there are some things that I have no control over, and that worrying about them would only get me more stressed than I already am. So I let go of those things that I have no true control over, and decided to live my life free from their constraints.

As Chuck Palahnuik said in Fight Club: let that which does not matter truly slide.

It is very liberating, but it gives you a lot of time to think about deep, philosophical things, like the meaning of life, the universe and everything. That can drive you to drink, but no philosophy is 100% perfect.

Thus endeth the lesson.

For years, I've lived a double life.

In the day, I do my job - I ride the bus, roll up my sleeves with the hoi-polloi.
But at night, I live a life of exhilaration, of missed heartbeats and adrenalin.

And, if the truth be known, a life of dubious virtue.

I won't deny it - I've been engaged in violence, even indulged in it.
I've maimed and killed adversaries, and not merely in self-defence.
I've exhibited disregard for life, limb and property, and savoured every moment.

You may not think it to look of me, but I have commanded armies, and conquered worlds.

And though in achieving these things I've set morality aside, I have no regrets.
For though I've led a double life, at least I can say - I've lived.


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