Bullet time

Avalon City, New Avalon

Crucis March,

Federated Suns,

7 April 3065.

The sniper laid out of the roof, looking out over the park at the distant target. The target would be arriving in 5 minuets at the other side of the park, 1km away. Through the rifle sights, the door of the place seemed only 10 meters way. The mini-radio in her ear changed from a public station to the security team covering the target. The microcomputer broke the encryption as easily as a hammer breaking a glass window.

The Rose is approaching the garden. ETA 5 minuets” crackled the tinny voice.

The sniper took a moment to think about the weapon in her hands. No larger than a Zeus heavy rifle, it was probably the most advanced weapon on the planet. A series of tinny electro-magnets accelerated a nickel-iron pellet 1cm across to 6 times the speed of sound. The speed/distance ratio workout out so that by the time anyone heard the suppressed sonic boom, the target would be dead, their head shattered.

Within 5 seconds of seeing the target do down, the sniper would be off the roof. Within as many minuets, she would be in a fast car heading for a rendezvous with an even faster shuttle on the outskirts of the city.

Eagle’s Eye 1 to Eagle’s Talon, come in” the radio in her ear wisped.

“Eagle’s Eye 1, this is Eagle’s Talon, I read you, over” her hushed voice barely above the sound of the wind.

Eagle’s Eye 2 reports that target has rounded the last corner and is approaching the palace. We are go for take-down at this time.”

“Roger Eagle’s Eye 1, Eagle’s Talon copies.” She tightened her grip on the rifle, pulling it tight against her body. In two minuets her target would be in her sights. Within 2 minuets and 2.5 seconds, her target would be dead.

The first car of the motorcade passed in front of the palace.

The Rose has arrived at the garden, all gardeners stand by” The futile attempts of the security team trying to defend her target almost made her smile. Almost.

The hover limo carrying the target pulled up right in the middle of the sights. A security guard got out first, had a look round, and ushered to the occupant of the car that it was safe.

Katherine ‘Katrina’ Steiner-Davion stepped out onto the wide concise at the bottom of the steps leading up to the Royal Palace. The sniper centered the rifle sights between Katherine’s eyes and took a deep breath, then started to pull the trigger.

Eagle’s Talon this is Eagle’s Eye 1: Abort! I say again: Abort!

The sniper slowly released the trigger. “Roger Eagle’s Eye 1, Eagle's Talon confirms abort. Target is still active. Will rendezvous as planed at point Bravo. Eagle’s Talon out.”

The End

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