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Lester John M. Policarpio


An individual adept at and has hands-on experience in every aspect of Content and On-line as well as Traditional Marketing. People, service and results oriented leader with a good sense of responsibility. Has excellent knowledge and thorough experience in web marketing, search engine optimization, online advertisements, Internet promotions, e-commerce, and web content composition; accomplished in establishing strategic alliances with other companies. Creative and analytical, possesses excellent written and oral English communication skills.


Content/Channel Manager
Feb 2002 – December 2002

- In charge of the development of content of the MOL browser
- Directly responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with Content Partners
- Daily maintenance of the contents of the MOL browser
- Maintains, edits and handles quality control of text as well as streaming content in the different channels of the Moscom Online browser
- In charge of Customer Relationship Management as well as Press Release Operations
- Handled search engine optimization of the MOL web site
- Develops ways of making the Moscom On Line community service attractive to present and potential subscribers
- Formulates and initiates different offline and online marketing tactics for MOL as well as analysis of current market trends
- Established the payment facility of the MOL browser
- Supervises the design and web development of the channels of the MOL browser
- Acts as Chief Content Manager

*** GOL Phils, Inc is a subsidiary of GOL Holdings Ltd, a Korean based company. It has a partnership with MosCom Internet to provide the MOL browser to its subscribers. The MOL browser is patterned after AOL and offers a symbiosis of content and connectivity.

Marketing Manager for Online Sales
January 2002 – March 2002

- Designed the online marketing strategy of OilGuard Bypass Filtration Systems
- Established sales and promotion relationships with other websites
- Laid the groundwork for the establishment of OilGuard’s affiliate marketing system
- Handled the email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine registration and online press release operations for OilGuard
- Monitored the effectiveness of OilGuard’s online ad campaign

*** OilGuard Bypass Filtration Systems manufactures oil filtration solutions for vehicles. This US based company also offers its products, OilGuard Filters and Racor, in the Internet.

Supervisor - Internet Marketing Dept
Sept 2000 – December 2001

- Made/Proofread the contents of the Castdial website
- In charge of Public Relations, Press Release Operations as well as Newsletter operations
- Managed the overall eMarketing Operations of the company’s Castdial and WebPonent products; directly supervised and was involved in the following operations through search engine optimization, newsgroup and mailing list postings, banner and link exchange, PR Operations and download site operations, etc.
- Increased the number of subscribers from 2,500 to 15,000
- Responsible for getting optimum website traffic for the Castdial and website and the acquisition of new subscribers to the Castdial internet broadcast service
- Composed and distributed company Press releases; public relations operations
- In Charge of Customer Relationship Management
- Made strategic marketing plan, affiliate marketing plan, viral marketing plan, as well as email marketing plan for company products
- Supervised construction and composition of contents of the WebPonent website
- Responsible for getting and increasing number of buyers of company’s AnyTalk software
- Site Management/Site Traffic Analysis of and websites
- Responsible for establishing sales of the Castdial Directory Service to ISPs, broadband providers, portals, destination sites, WAP, interactive television and set-top box providers
- Made Business Plan for Castdial which was submitted to Venture Capitalists and was responsible for establishing Initial Contact with potential investors in the US
- Founding Member/Board Treasurer of Castdial Phils Inc.

*** Castdial Phils, Inc. is a subsidiary of CyberImagination, Inc. – a software/web development company based in South Korea. Castdial Phils, Inc. handles the content and eMarketing of Castdial and WebPonent. Castdial offers a free download program that provides users a comprehensive guide for Online Programs, Webcasts, Live Events, Audio, and Video. WebPonent provides downloadable web components, communication software solutions, and customizable interactive solutions to websites.


Web Content Editing/Management, Site Maintenance, Search Engine Positioning/Optimization, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Newsletter Formulation/Deployment, Banner Advertising/Exchange, Link Exchange, Online PR, Viral Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Newsgroup/Mailing list Operations, Download Sites Operations, Posting of Articles in Other Websites, Site Traffic Analysis, Website Content Composition, HTML, knowledgeable in the ecommerce process

Knowledgeable in the following software: MS FrontPage, Web Trends, Agent Web Ranking, Visio, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office applications, etc.


1995 - 2000
University of The Philippines Manila
BA Organizational Communications

* Member: Philippine Internet Commerce Society

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