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The Shah of Iran, in glittering splendour, walking through the tribunes of the 5000 guests who patiently waited in the sun from the very early morning until after the end of the reception inside the Golestan Palace.

The Shahbanou of Iran, wearing her impressive Imperial Robe and her bejewelled crown, leaves the Golestan Palace to go through the guests who had waited and were rewarded with the most fantastic scenes as the Imperial Family went by. In this picture it is possible to see the guests who had been privileged to be inside the Grand Hall, watching the scene from the windows of the Palace.

The magnificent cortege through the gardens of the Golestan Palace was another of the high points of the Coronation Day, the 26th October 1967. In great splendour, the Shah, the Shahbanou and the Crown Prince walked past the thousands of guests who had been waiting for several hours to catch a glimpse of the the Imperial Family on that most important of all days. An orchestra played and a choir sung as the Shah, crowned with the Pahlavi Crown, wearing the Imperial Robe, the Emerald Belt, the Royal Sword and the Imperial Sceptre, surrounded by saluting military officers and members of the Imperial Household in splendorous embroidered uniforms, came out of the Golestan Palace.

He walked with military precision, acknowledging the salutes and applause that came from the tribunes, and smiling. All the length of the red carpet was lined with soldiers who saluted their Supreme Commander and Emperor as he walked past. Behind him came his wife, the Empress, in all possible magnificence. Attended by her maids of honour (who look her train), wearing her bejewelled crown, her hands crossed over her dress and looking increasingly relaxed, the Shahbanou was lavishly applauded and the amazement grew at each step she gave, in full royalty.

Empress Farah, in full majesty, is seen walking through the calm and magnificent gardens of the Golestan Palace, amidst the applause of the 5000 guests who had taken their seats in the gardens in the very early morning.

After the Empress, came the Crown Prince, who, in the middle of four saluting officers, looked most amazing, in his blue uniform and decorations, then wearing his military hat. After the champagne inside the Palace, he had been given some sweets that he could enjoy in the long cortege of carriage that would lead him back to the Marble Palace of Teheran, during which he would again travel alone in the carriage that had been used by his grandfather in the Coronation of 1926.

Two more pictures of the triumphant walk of Empress Farah in the gardens of the Golestan Palace, in front of the tribunes of guests, who can be seen applauding her and undoubtedly amazed by her impressive majesty and splendour.

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