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Official picture of the Imperial couple with their son, Crown Prince Reza Cyrus, in front of the Naderi Throne in the Grand Hall of Golestan Palace, at the end of the coronation ceremony. The picture was made after the guests had left the Grand Hall and during the reception inside the Palace, after which the Imperial Family went in procession through the gardens of the Golestan.

The Shahbanou of Iran posing with her maids of honour in the Marble Palace of Teheran, after her arrival from the Golestan Palace, where she was crowned by her husband, the Shah. The short sleeves of the bridesmaids had an embroidery similar to the one in the magnificent green velvet robe of the Empress.

The Empress posing with her two elder children, Crown Prince Reza Cyrus and Princess Farahnaz.

The Shah and the Shahbanou posing with their children. On the left is HIH Princess Shahnaz, daughter of the Shah and his first wife, Princess Fawzia of Egypt.

One of the most famous pictures of the Coronation. From left: HIH Princess Ashraf, twin sister of the Shah, HIH Princess Shahnaz, HIM The Shah, TIH Princess Farahnaz and Crown Prince Reza Cyrus, HIM The Shahbanou and HIH Princess Shams, elder sister of the Shah.

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