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::::: p r e s e n t s :::::

...He gave Us Our life--Our Own Unique Being.

He looks down and watches--is He pleased at what He's seeing?

Up in Heaven, as they gather for their own Thanksgiving Prayer...

will Our names be mentioned and ring joyously through the air?

Oh..I want, so much for God, to be happy with Me, You See...

I want Him to be thankful, That He took the time to make the Human called "Me!"

I want to be a blessing---and Praise His name so He will know.

That I love Him the very most, and I am ready, so ready to go.

.....Dear Lord--Let Us all be eager for your approval and hungry for You.

When You look Upon Our lives, May You see Our love is true.

May Your Own Thanksgiving Blessings include each One of Us that strives to do Your Will....

And Please Know for sure, That I, For One, Await that day I can come and be with You, For Real!

Happy Thanksgiving-to Jesus, Christ Our Lord!

[This webpage was written and created by Kenny Mitchell For WebUplifterMinistries 2002]