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p r e s e n t s:

~~~~Missing You-Photos~~~~

In this section of the FOTOWALL we present those precious Family Members that we have lost contact with and miss so very much.

Each Person that you see on this wall--at one time--was such an important building block in where we are today...And I thank God for them and If anyone has current e-mail info on them, I would love to get in contact with them again...

ORINDA...I miss hearing from you. I know you are having lots of health problems and I think of you often and I do pray for you. PLEASE WRITE WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT......

ERIKA...a Supremely Talented Young Lady, has really been through some rough teen trials and I ask that You pray for her, because satan knows what an Advantage to Our side it would be If God could completely take over her life and touch and heal her body, mind, and soul...ERIKA---I CARE---WE CARE!!!!

MISSY...I see you in chat once in a while, but I could never really get you involved in The Uplifter Family. You are so Upbeat and Friendly, I hope someday soon you will decide to join in and make Our Group that much better.

STAYSEE......During and after the TeenChristian Ministries you joined in with the Uplifter Family, and we chat from time to time, and shared e-mails. You have either gone off line or your mail has change....I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN..IT HAS BEEN SEVERAL MONTHS NOW!