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OK.....From One Friend to Another.....

How long have you been sitting in front of your computer this time.....?

I see some of you looking at calendars -- that is a very bad sign.....

Please, for the sake of your sanity, try the following:

DON'T click the Refresh button Go outside NOW.

If you are about to spend another $100 at Amazon, then please contact Amazon Anonymous.

To go outside, first click the Cyber Hypnosis menu, and then click Cold Water In The Face.

On the Numb BUTT tab, click Sedentary Back Pain.
Then Get Out Of Your Chair settings should match those provided by your local area network (LAN) administrator

If your Evil Computer Addict Persona has enabled it, we can examine your network and quickly discover a way to wake you up from your computer-induced stupor

If you would like Windows to discover them, click Detect Computer Induced Settings

There are a host of things awaiting you in the outside world: fishing, skiing, skeet shooting, triathlons, PTA meetings, and dental appointments, for example.

If you are unable to get up, click here and your power strip will melt and give you a large enough shock to scare you back to your senses.

If that doesn't work, then we give up.

You are officially in need of serious help.

Dial 1-800-GET_HELP on your computers keyboard to reach a mental hospital near you.

Click the Back button to melt your computer...

If this doesn't work, my friend...You are what We Professionals of Digital Therapy sadly call a TERMINALLY ILL Patient of what we refer

Microsoftofelia and the only known cure is found through non-support of your local ISP....

At this point it would be in your best interest to quit paying your monthly internet bill!

[This webpage was created and partially written by Kenny Mitchell to share a smile or two with you.
This page is 2002 by WebUplifterMinistires]