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~~p r e s e n t s:~~

2?2?2~~TWO OR MORE~~2?2?2

Forever ago I read a book and I don't remember which one but it basically went into a kind of depth about the verse in the Bible that says

"Wherever two or more are gathered in his name, there I will be."

the statement had always perplexed me.
I mean, God was everywhere anyway so what difference would it make if two were gathered or not?
But then, in the book, it went on to say that the saying should be taken literally.

I was in youth group on Wednesday and thinking about this. Two or more were gathered (I know two were for God if none of the others and my youth minister).

And I pictured God actually descending and sitting right in the middle of the room, watching.
there he was. in the flesh. Kind of scary.
to go deeper, he's an inhabitant within us right now.
I know it doesn't sound like much because I've taken him for granted probably more than the next guy but it's just...really truly scary once you realize that this is God.


So to wrap it up, whoa.

That's about it.

Everything's in my prayers....

~~~~~written by Cassie Lynn....

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Cassie is one of my favorite teen writers on the net, because she not only writes from her heart, but she write from her mind, and she envelopes both of them spiritually to get the most out of her relationship with the Lord.)

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