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~~p r e s e n t s:~~


When we follow Jesus he leads us to see his glory as well. We see it in our reading today. With the eyes of faith, reading the account of Mark, we see Jesus shining in glorious splendor. We see Moses and Elijah with him on the mountain. We hear the voice of the Father pointing him out as the Savior.

Jesus has lead us to such a wonderful sight. He has shown us his glorious nature. By ourselves we would not see it. If Jesus had not called out, "Come follow me" we would have walked down some other path. But in his grace Jesus did call out to us. We have walked with him. Now, here we are, beholding the radiance of the one true God.

Now it is by faith that we see the radiance of Jesus. But it will not always be by faith. When Jesus comes to take all believers to paradise then we will visibly behold his unveiled glory.

Vision after vision proclaims the glorious nature of Jesus. Now we see it by faith. Then we will see it face to face.

[This Series was created by Kenny Mitchell for WebUplifterMinistries 2002]