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~~p r e s e n t s:~~

~~The Winds of Silence~~

written by Pat Worrell

The wind of silence blows,
Whispers down the street
Leaves behind serenity
As He rushes forth to meet,

The next heart that calls
Seeking safety in a port
Listens for the still, small voice
Who has many things to sort.

Many troubled waters
Soothed clear as crystal glass
As looking toward the future
We put aside the past.

Old wounds and hurts mean nothing
Unless we let them pull

Us out of the streams and rivers of the Holy Spirit
And the places we should go.

Each of us has a calling,
Special places we belong,
As we listen for the still, small voice,
The wind of silence blows along.

Holy Spirit is the wind,
Quiet times are the doors
Of opportunity and wisdom
We have so much more

Available to each of us
As we open up and persue
The avenues of the Holy Spirit,
On the highways of renew.