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~~p r e s e n t s:~~


We have an awesome responsibility as God's called messengers. We must be careful we do not lessen or take away from God's truth. We must preach ALL God's truth correctly, absolutely and in the authority of God's Word.

We do a get disservice, yes we commit sin, gross sin if we preach not the whole counsel of God's Word.

We must understand it is an impossible task, if God does not do it through us. The blind can not lead the blind. We must know God's word and we must preach it. You may lose your popularity....some may think you strange. You may lose church members. You may lose friends. You may be accused of being unloving and uncaring....of being too demanding.

But in truth how can you share Christ's love for you in any greater way that to loving, and caringly warn people of the wages of sin and the need of repentance. That's their only hope to receive eternal life and live a victorious life in Christ....bringing honor, glory to Him who is Worthy...producing fruit to His honor.

[This Series was created by Kenny Mitchell for WebUplifterMinistries 2002]