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~~p r e s e n t s:~~

::::::::after creation::::::::

God created man and woman to walk together as His representatives in the earth. They were to portray a picture on earth of what Heaven is like. However, Satan did not stop with his intent to destroy the corporate plan of God even after being cast out of Heaven. He came to the Garden to cause conflict between Heaven and earth. He sowed rebellion, deception and disunity in the man and the woman (Gen. 3). Sin disharmonized everything!

Thousands of years later, Jesus through His death, burial and resurrection made the way for Heaven and earth to be reharmonized. The Church became God's agent for the reconciliation of Heaven and earth. God would use a people with a corporate anointing to do that which no one individual would be able to do. Earth once again had the potential of looking like Heaven.

For many today, a realization has come that as God puts teams of people together a greater power is released. In fact, there is a principle in physics known as synergy. Webster defines synergy as a combined or cooperative action or force. Synergy occurs when there is a simultaneous action of separate agencies working together. The total effect of the effort is greater than the sum of the individual efforts.
That is the same principle in the Bible where it says one can chase a thousand. However, when you add one more person the sum of two is not that they can chase two thousand. The two working together can actually chase ten thousand! (Deut. 32:30).

The enemy is aware of this principle. That is why he is always trying to divide God's people. If he can separate them and keep them from walking in unity, he can strip them of the exponential power God has made available.


[This Series was created by Kenny Mitchell for WebUplifterMinistries 2002]