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p r e s e n t s:

I think about my wedding day
and my dress so long and white.
All the tears of joy I'll cry walking down that aisle
trying not to fall with all my might..

I dream about the veil..
my soul mate one day will lift in ceremony of us becoming one.
The longest day of my life will go by so fast..
and I'll look back at it when everything said and done.

And look back on my life..
and how much Gods taken me through.
And I'll tell my husband that "I love being one with you"
And I'll go to sleep with my husband
and we'll love each other like adam and eve
We'll praise God for having one another
and thank Jesus that we've each found someone who believes.

But Lord..
I wonder..
who will walk me down the aisle?
who'll hold me up so I don't fall..
Lord there's no one better I can think of but you..
To carry me through another long road to keep me standing tall.

Lord Will you walk me..
walk me to my future...
one step closer to eternity with you..
Lord will you hold my arm in yours
Help me with each step I take do what you need me to do.

Father.. I'm a daughter..
with no earthly father to hold..
It's not been easy to handle..
Thanks for helping share the load..

I need you Lord..please walk with me.
Please give me the heart of a wife, a mother, and a servant unto you, my bread of life...
Dance the father and daughter dance with me,
watch my husband and I cut the the cake with the knife.

Lord will you walk me..?
will you? please say yes.
If you do--oh father,
I'd feel so utterly blessed.
I'd cry because I love you.
And because I feel so good.
Knowing your there walking with me,
remembering the times when you were the only one that understood.

Lord will you be there?
Because you've always been in my life..
and its only fair, that its not me,
but its you they see.
Because I'm nothing without you,
Lord please walk with me.

[WRITTEN BY HEATHER VINEALL 2001 ~~webpage created by Kenny Mitchell for WEB-UPLIFTER MINISTRIES 2001]