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This whole clan war is based on superiority across all types of maps. The first clan to gain superiority across all map types wins.

Each clan begins with a set number of points on each map type. At the start of the week each member may attack one clan on one map type. The winner on the battle takes one point from the loser's clan on the map won.

Combat System

Each clan war week begins on the monday, each member is then given one1 combat point to initiate one attack on another clan on a map of their choice. This must be emailed to before the start of the next clan week else the combat point is wasted.

The defending clan then picks a defender from their available defender pool. (This must be emailed to the above email address.) The defender then challenges the attacker on the map the attacker picked. The defender picks who plays which side.

Once the battle is over the victorious clan takes one victory point from the losing clan on the map played upon. If the losing clan has no victory points then the winner gains nothing (apart from preventing his/her own clan from losing a victory point)

Defender Pool

When assigning defenders you must assign each person once before they may defend again. (This is to prevent the best players always defending.)

Once a player has been assigned a game to defend in he is set to unavailable. Once every player has been assigned a defence then all players are moved back to available.


Once a clan has reached a set total number of victory points with a minimum of a set number of victory points on each map, that clan is declared the winner.

New clans may join in at the start of each clan war week (monday) as well as clans may add new members then. Should a player find himself too busy to play these will b dealt with on a case by case system, with the most likely result being that the player is set to unavailable until they are available to play again. Their current games will most likely be forfitted with the other clans being declared the winner.

At the moment there are no time limits for attacking/defending/playing games etc.. and i hope none will be needed.