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Hello, and welcome to the Goonies homepage! First of all, to clear up some confusion, this is NOT about The Goonies, as in the movie, we are just "borrowing" the name as a way to refer to ourselves. (However, we will have stuff on the movie). Second of all, this site will have fanfics (eventually) by...tada! us, with our characters/alter-egos in them. Oh yes, this is important: If you have anything against Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, leprechauns, Batman Beyond, dogs, monkeys, weird-screwed-up-Yoda-type-monkey-thingies, magic, X-Men, Link from Legend of Zelda, I-Man, Jackie Chan Adventures, etc., etc., etc., then I (Akira) suggest you leave. Okay...enjoy!

***If you have any suggestions, complaints, whatever, go ahead and put them in the guestbook. "Address" them to either Arete, Aidenmare, Skysong, or me (or all 4 of us) in the "Class" section. Leave all the other parts blank except for the comments section. Remember, though, that this site is under construction, and will probably always be that way, so keep checking back! :P

Okay, Arete here. We don't own any previously copyrighted characters, nor are we using any previously copyrighted characters for monetary means. The images on this site are not owned by us unless stated, so they may be copyrighted by other sites without our knowledge. The use of these images are strictly for aesthetic means or for use of explaining something (i.e. This is Indiana Jones. See, he has a hat.) We are not making money with these images. Basically, when using copyrighted things, we mean no harm and are not making money off of others' work. Now you can't sue us.
Hi guys, it's Skysong. The Goonies (that's us) do not support any of the pop-up ads that come with the Angelfire service. If any of the links on this page corrupt your computer or have a virus or display something you don't agree with, it's not our fault. By clicking on any of the links, you assume FULL responsibility for whatever happens. Got it? Okay, you can look at the rest of the site now. None of the above (viruses etc.) has happened, but now you really can't sue us.

Site start: February 12, 2002

General (meaning GENERAL) Update and Announcements as of 8-1-2003:

  • If you thought Peter Jackson messed up The Lord of the Rings, check out what Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) did to The Hobbit. Of course, you may prefer not to . . . this link is also in the "Link's Links" Section.
  • Curu's PROFILE is now up. Check it out!

    Go to the News section for complete updates from Arete, Aidenmare, Skysong,and Akira (not necessarily in that order, but oh well...)

    Links to other sections

    Updates, old updates (from Arete, Skysong, and Aidenmare only--I don't keep old ones)

    Character/Alter-Ego Profiles
    Get to know our characters better.

    Guess what this is!

    The GA
    The Goonies' and see, is formed after the second Leia story, I suppose...

    Link's Links
    Links to other sites

    What the title says...

    The Goonie Logs
    The Goonie Logs: A place for the Goonies to go off on irrelevant tangents...

    The D/W/U/etc.!
    This page explains a lotta background stuff that'll keep showing up in the just *might* wanna read it...

    This is what the title says it is. . . check back every month or so for a new contest!

    The Games Page
    Hmmm . . .

    Which Goonie are YOU? (not from the movie)
    Find out here! FIXED!

    The FlushieFiles! Click Here to see them!

    The members of the Goonies (and their boyfriends/girlfriends [or just plain really good friends])

    • Kurt Wagner (up for grabs, ladies *nudges Camlya*)
    • Arete Vesilagor/ Link
    • Nikara Trenal/ Okay, we know it's Keth.
    • Aidenmare Morwen/ Sphen Hollandaise + the other Sphens
    • Skysong Randess/ Ton Phanan
    • Akira Cilatriel/ Terry McGinnis
    • Fashina Falgees/ Neelix
    • And welcome onboard: CAMLYA!!

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