A veritable banquet or artistic pleasures.

My Gallery. Of Art.

I thought about giving you thumbnails to click on, then I thought about not giving you thumbnails. Then I went for the easier,
non-HTML-requiring option. I'm not putting any effort in for you. I owe you nothing. Not even correct grammar. So, me owes you nothing.

Picture The First

This was the start of great things. The green man is, glaringly obviously, Robert Mugabe. The
excrement-coloured one is riding a pink car-thing. I shouldn't have to explain this to you.

Picture 2: Alleviation Day

God knows what's going on here. The grammar seems to be a bit muddled, though.

Third Picture

The quality is clearly going downhill, but at least the mastery of the English language is on the up. And, no offence
intended to John. It was Christian's idea, and I lacked the creativity to think of anything better. Still, worked out ok.

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