The Ear That Many Aspire To Be

There comes a time in every man's life, when he must put all other thoughts aside and allow others to fill his ear with all manner of items, places, people and ideas. Henceforth sprang this bizarre but clearly worthwhile list. In some countries people have been worshipped for less, but these countries are both backward and largely insignificant, and are at great risk of joining Libya in the list. So let us not consider such matters any longer.


Patrick's ear now contains:

* - I fear that many will ask just what a 'stick de la matraquer' is, so I'd like to clear that up now. I believe it means something along the lines of 'stick of bludgeoning', but obviously it's not perfectly accurate. Of course, in these heady days, in the crazy French land of France, it could actually mean anything from 'I sold my doorhandles' to 'Have you seen my pornography fridge?' So the moral is: See to it that you don't, because as long as you live under THIS roof you'll live by MY rules!