Vin Diesel melting? I approve.

I hate Vin Diesel.

Damn you, Vin Diesel. Iím not sure how to start this, so Iíll jump straight in. I donít like Vin
Diesel and if you do, your opinion is nullified. Thus, no-one likes Vin Diesel. Even if I try to overlook
his ridiculous name, I still grin maniacally at the thought of him trapping his hand in a combine harvester.

Iíve seen a few of the films heís been in. Although the films themselves were quite different, Dieselís character wasnít. Heís
always exactly the same character in every film, and heís always invincible, Ďextremeí and a bit cranially vacuous. Oh, and heís
not too great at acting either, which is something of a handicap for a professional actor. At least, it should be. Admittedly,
it doesnít seem to be these days. Anyway, itís a shame, cos some of his films have been almost decent apart from him.

Someone told me his new film was going to be very different. They told me I was wrong about him only being able to play
one kind of character, whatever the film was about. ďThis time he has to look after some kids!Ē they declared. I saw the trailer
for that film yesterday. Heís some kind of commando-esque agent thing, who has to bodyguard the aforementioned kids.
Agreed, the film is completely different to his usual, but again he does exactly the same in it. The only difference is lack of
violence and weapons, which is stupid. If ever there was a film that required violence, it would be one about kids.

I hate Vin Diesel, but not as much as I hate kids.