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Seraphim Archangel of Music

"Her name shall be Israfel, and she shall open the Fifth Gate, and the darkness shall flee before her, and the Way shall be seen by Those Who Watch, and the Dragon shall be no more."

-Gabriel, Archangel of Fire, speaking at the moment of Israfel's ascension to Archangel

Israfel first appears in the In Nomine book Liber Canticorum, (page 8), which is copyright Steve Jackson Games. There is a very good description of her there.


As promoters of music as a vehicle of truth, light and beauty, it is dissonant for a servitor or Israfel to use music as a means of promoting Hell's agenda. In game terms this means that using music to advance a person to their Fate, or to promote selfishness or hatred or cruelty, is dissonant.


Seraphim-When using their resonance on someone who is singing or performing music, the Seraph gets an automatic 6 on their check digit.

Cherubim-Cherubim of Music can perform Songs that will benefit their attunments from anywhere, regardless of normal distance (or touch) requirements, so long as they are on the same plane.

Ofanim-Ofanim may use their resonance to improve their ability in any musical performance. The skill level is increased by the check digit of their resonance roll.

Elohim-Elohim can calm peoples passions through musical performance. This has the same game effect as the Ethereal Song of Harmony, except that this ability does not disturb the symphony. Use the check digit of the performance skill to determine the effect.

Malakim-Malakim can increase the morale of their side of a battle by performing. They are the drummer boys of the armies of God. The effect is that, if the Malakim successfully uses a musical instrument during combat to "rally the troops", all of the soldiers on the Malakim's side gain the check digit as a bonus to any one combat based roll during the battle.

Kyriotates-When possessing a host who is actively listening to music, the host does not get a will roll to resist. The Kyriotate must still make their initial resonance roll. Additionally, Dominations can move from one host to another if host A is performing and host B is listening - without having to move through the physical space between them. This means they can switch hosts in front of someone who is symphonically aware without them seeing the Kyriotate. Both the old host and the new one must be within the Domination's Corporeal Forces of each other, in yards.

Mercurians-Can use their resonance to determine which people would perform well with each other. This extends the Mercurians resonance beyond current relationships into potential ones that would promote music. The two parties need not have met, but should at least have the potential to meet without the Mercurians intervention. For example, being able to tell at a glance that a band would greatly benefit from gaining a particular lead singer - and that the singer would benefit from joining the band. There must be a benefit to both parties.


Music of the Spheres

The angel can gain insight into a problem by meditating on the Symphony for an hour. For a cost of three Essence the angel can gain information on any one question or problem. This is like the Akashic Record attunement of Yves', except the Game Master may be vague and cryptic, or give the angel information that they need rather than information that they want.


This attunement grants the angel the ability to play any instrument in a class as though they had the appropriate skill of 6. Example classes include stringed instruments, percussion, woodwinds, horns and keyboards. This attunement may be granted multiple times to cover different classes of instruments.


Vassal of Music

The angel can remember any song or tune he has heard with perfect clarity, and if he has an appropriate musical skill he can play the song. This does not apply to Songs.

Friend of Songs

The angel can, by spending three Essence, use music to communicate with others. The angel can place a message of up to 20 words within the body of a tune or a song, and name the recipient, who is the only one who will hear the actual message. The recipient must be within hearing of the performance of the music or song.

Master of the Choirs of Heaven

A Master of the Choirs of Heaven can tap into the Symphony in a remarkable way. Once per day, the angel can perform any Song that normally requires 1 or 2 Essence to use, but the Essence required comes from the Symphony, not the angel. No disturbance is generated, unless the angel spends extra Essence. The Master is so in tune with the Symphony that he can retune the strands without leaving a rip. Note that the Song may have other disturbing effects, and these occur normally.


Israfel is the newest Archangel in the Host, and doesn't yet have a lot of Servitors. She is still consolidating her power, and beginning to understand all the responsibilities that go with her new position and rank. As it stands, she is grateful primarily to Eli and Yves, is still in shock from Gabriel's prophecy, and on good terms with most other Archangels. She has instructed her Servitors to co-operate as well as they can with all other members of the Host, but never to refuse aid to Gabriel's or Yves' angels.

Allied: Yves, Eli, Gabriel

Associated: all others, except

Neutral: Dominic


Compose a new song

Teach a song (or Song) to someone else

Inspire someone to develop their musical ability to its full potential (+2)

Spending three hours building a musical instrument

Spend two hours performing music or singing



+1 Humming a tune

+2 Someone singing, however talented

+3 A choir or small concert

+4 A large outdoor concert (5000 or more people)

+5 A recital by a virtuoso for an audience of any size*

+6 The first performance of a new Song

* This means a mortal with multiple Music skills at level 6, not the Virtuoso Servitor Attunement.

Malakim Oaths for Music:
Always finish a song (or Song) once it is begun
Practice perfecting any prefered form of music (vocal, instrument, whatever) X hours every day/week
Never allow a perversion of music to remain unchallenged