Star Wars - Episode I
     Accordin' to the Romanian researcher Cornel Dan Niculae ("The Unseen war" - 2nd volume), the canadian company "Gabriel Resources" owns the license to exploit the resources of Rosia Montana/ The Red Montana, a region located in the Western Carpathians (Apuseni).
    The financial investment was given by the Washington branch of the "Rothschild Bank".
   (Previously, durin' the XVIII-XIXth centuries, the owner of the gold mines from Rosia Montana was a jewish named David Albert.)
  Another canadian company, "The Gold Corporation", got involved by foundin' the romanian branch, named "Rosia Montana Gold Corporation SRL".
  The name beyond these companies is Vasile Frank-Timis, a "romanian-british-canadian"... jewish, who sponsored a lot of the Secret Services (SIE,SRI etc.) actions, next to this Ovidiu Tender.
  There are rumours that the shadow-name beyond these is, in fact, the jewish billionaire Marc Rich.
  "The Independent" (january 2004) was noticin' that Frank Timis' phantom-firm "Balcan Petroleum" was founded in july 2003 by David Garnell, director of the british company "Inktrend Ltd.", founded by Stephen Roman, ex-director of "Gabriel Resources", which was founded by Frank Timis especially/with the purpose to exploit the biggest gold mine from all over Europe - Rosia Montana, Romania.
  David Garnell is also economic-director of another canadian company, named "European Goldfields", also founded by Frank Timis as off-shore.
   "Deva Gold SRL", located in Certej (Hunedoara, Romania) is owned by "European Goldfields", the company who's got to exploit several gold-rich regions of Transilvania.
   ("International Goldfields" came as a branch of the australian company "Carpathians Investment PTY Ltd.", owned by the very same Frank Timis and his sister, Iona Majdik.                                                                                   
  "International Goldfields" got an exploatation area over 2.500 km   , between the cities Deva, Lugoj and Otelul Rosu.
  "Esmeralda Ltd.", part of this hydra extended all over Romania is responsable for the echologykal disaster from Baia Mare, right after the scandal involvin' Romania and Hungary its name bein' changed to "Eurogold Ltd." - which controls "Transgold" and "Explorer", another couple of these inter-related companies.)
  As hard as it seems to believe, all these names and facts mean almost nothin', comparin' to the real drama...
  It's just the surface of the entiredeal, a labyrinth ment to mentain disinformation, a cover-up element - may I say...
  Among all these, the former ministry of culture Razvan Theodorescu (also a jewish ethnyk) approved the systematik destruction of the archeologykal artefacts in Rosia Montana.
  This info brings us right in the middle of the "Rosia Montana affair".
  Let's get it on !" (D 12 & Eminem - Fight music)

"The fact is that in Rosia Montana an ancient underground, presentin' a few odd qualyties, got discovered. In short time, a french (or, a french-speakin' ) team came in the area and tried to get in. It was very hard, 'cause of the unbreakable "energy shield" of the subterranean. But, "yadda- yadda- yadda" (have you seen that Seinfeld episode ?) they got in, somehow...

And, "blah-blah-blah"..., they tried to remove the hole containment of tha cave in France. Or, it was just a hoax, 'cause in the end all they did was to destroy everythin' within.

Then out of the sudden, durin' 2005, Radu Cinamar revealed the discovery of an underground, estimated to be 55.000 years old (atlantean), somewhere in the Carpathyans.

The hole Cianamar' s version can be found in the book named "Future with a cranium" / "Viitor cu cap de mort".

And then..."