Red alert ! Bethlehem star
                                               "you can' t figure out da
                               formula, so you' re stealin' it..." (Cypress Hill)
                                            "...Revelationship is phoney
                                                      !..." (Chino X)

   These days, Ananda Boswell came up with a stunishin' parallel :
   - the "dharmata" and "pleyadian UFOs"
   - the "Mandelbrot set" and Udo of Aaachen' s "star of Bethelehem" ,
   which is basikally da same ; but, not quite...
   Let' s start with da beginnin' ( "First thing first, man, toy f*ck with
da worst..." - Old Dirty Bastard) .
, you can read :
   "Distinguishing Dharma and Dharmata is a text that is very brief and
direct in its presentation and is included within the class of oral
instructions. It is a work which clearly portrays the character of nothing less
than non-conceptual original wisdom, the point of utmost profundity within
the Mahayana.
    With regard to meditation, there are the particular traditions, views
and practices of Mahamudra and Dzogchen, the basis of which are the
teachings of the Buddha and the commentaries or shastras on those by the great
masters. In order to achieve the high view of Mahamudra or Dzogchen we need
to cut our doubts, hinderances and aberrations, which is accomplished by
listening to and contemplating the Mahayana dharma.
    Realizing dharmata or the nature of mind is what is to be known and
this we understand through hearing and thinking about it. Nevertheless, due
to the obstruction of conventional appearances we are not able to realize
this. If we can realize this profound nature then we will naturally
separate from confusion and conventional appearances. Thus, this text,
Distinguishing Dharma and Dharmata,is devoted to identifying exactly what is
conventionally true and what is ultimately true. So this text is extremely
important for all those who wish to practice the meditations of Mahamudra and
   You can also find a brief explanation of da term "dharmata" in  .
   I' m not gonna insist in this area, 'cause this ain' t da subject of da
present exposition.
   In , Ananda presents a photo of a Billy
Meier' s "pleyadian" UFO by comparison with da "dharmata" model ("variation
III beamship", he called it) - "PleiadianTimeWave" ; you can also find in
there another picture, called"AdamskiTimeWaveDharmata".
   And you' re gonna find in there another odd corelation :
   "What is interesting about the present radiation signature of Saturn
(taken during the Novelty Engression of Time Gate 2004), is that when its
left hand side and right hand side respectively are mirrored, it brings out
the apparent fractal form of this band, very self-similar to the actual
Time Wave graph itself, especially to its 3 dimensional form, which we
(Ananda) modelled and called Dharmata(...)
    Somewhat akin to the fractal of the Monk Udo, of Aachen (the Udolphus
codex), who calculated the 72 angels and 72 demons int he human psyche
(based on the 72,000 Nadi and 72,000 Nada of Rg Veda  alchemical practice),
and more than 700 years before IBM's Mandelbrot, came out with the same
design, which he called 'The Godhead', as the Star of Bethlehem in his
picture (the light green capture, far right on the above picture)... The
Omni-Ship vehicle of the Dharmataratha.
    That this graph is also based on the permutations of the DNA,
therefore, gives amplified significance to Saturn, as the ETI/OTI related its role
in DNA tuning:
     "Its chief is in the outline, in the structure, in the energy
magnetic grids, and the casts from which ideas, concepts, realities are formed.
It is the foundation stone and the code. It could be considered the
computer of codes; of the different code patterns that exist in all the different
densities and layers of this solar system. Including the physical
molecules and the atoms, DNA, the RNA; all molecules, light forms, wavepatterns,
the colour manifestations and emanations. It is the record keeper of all
these patterns that have ever existed.
     "It has, in the higher state of its pre-manifestation, all possible
mathematical combinations and structures and codes, that could manifest in
physical manifestation in this solar system. So, its logos is of this
function and service in this solar system."
   There' s another photo linked to da text : "SaturnRadTWZ" .
     The same infos you can find in  .
     And, Ananda' s last web-page on da subject is  .
   Let' s get further : what' up with "da mandelbrot set" and Udo of
Aachen ?
   In  you can
read :
   "The Mandelbrot Monk

   Do you know Udo of Aachen? Not exactly a household name, this
Benedictine monk toiled as a copyist and theological essayist between 1200-1270 AD,
and wrote a poem called Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, which evolved into the
famous O Fortuna of the choral work, Carmina Burana. But this would only
have made him the O Fortuna Monk. A modern day mathematician noted the
unusual depiction of the Bethlehem star in a nativity scene illuminated by Udo.
It looked amazingly like the Mandelbrot set. How a thirteenth century monk
came to arrive at this feat, previously thought to be possible only
through repeated calculations on modern day computers, is the story at this
site, and a riveting one it is. Further, Udo embedded his probability theory
research and value of pi exercises into works thought previously to be mere
theological writings. Threatened with excommunication for his heretical
views, Udo reluctantly put away his numbers. But not before leaving these
marvels of his genius for us to find, seven centuries later.    AD (From New
Scientist - Planet Science)  "
   In you' re gonna find a brief
explanation on da subject , while you can also find infos in :
    - .

   By readin' :
   -  and
   -  ,
   you' re gonna get another point of view of da whole schemna...
   An odd writin' you' re gonna find in :
    In you' re gonna be sent to  , where you' re gonna read :
    " Udo of Aachen (1200-1270) is a fictional monk, a creation of British
technical writer Ray Girvan, who introduced him in an April Fool's hoax
article in 1999.
      According to the article, Udo was a mystic and poet whose work was
set to music by Carl Orff with the haunting O Fortuna in Carmina Burana —
actually the work of itinerant goliards, found in the German Benedictine
monastery of Benediktbeuern Abbey.
      Udo was also an illustrator and theologian, supposedly he discovered
the Mandelbrot set, some 700 years before Benoīt Mandelbrot. His works
were rediscovered by the also-fictional Bob Schipke, a Harvard mathematician,
who saw a picture of the Mandelbrot set in an illumination for a 13th
century carol.
      The monk's supposed finding was lent an air of credibility due to
the fact that often medieval monks did discover scientific and mathematical
theories, only to have them hidden or shelved due to persecution or simply
ignored due to the fact that publication prior to the invention of the
printing press was difficult at best. Mr. Girvan adds to this suggestion by
associating Udo with several other more legitimate discoveries where an
author was considered ahead of his time in terms of a scientific theory of
some sort that is now established as a mainstream theory but was considered
fringe science at the time.
      The other aspect of the deception is that it was very common for
pre-20th century mathematicians to spend incredible amounts of time on hand
calculations similar to trying to calculate all of the points for a
Mandelbrot set, such as a logarithm table or trigonometric functions. This is
also a comparable activity that would seem tedious today but would be routine
for people of the time. That a 13th century monk would spend his time
doing some apparently meaningless calculation increases confidence in the
accuracy of the story."
    The same info you can get from  .

    Personally, Ananda revealed me these :
    "(...)the design is Dharmata... not vortexijah...
     it is also given as the Star of Bethlehem by Monk Udo in 1270... and
it is the structure of all permutations of the DNA... So unless one is soo
skitzo and christian controlled by the computer machine dogmaticism of the
duality of sleep/ignorance, as to dogmatically think the dna is a demon
possession — heart think PLEASE...
     For anyone to time travel (and these are apparent future humans in
the meier case, filled with deception, in order to prevent their space time
continuum from collapse, and ours, so that time travel interaction can
occur), they need the time geometry of dharmata...
     It is also the Novelty theory graph of the I-Ching in 3D....
     Dharmata is borrowed by the Meier group, who also appear in WWII over
Los Angeles, and Ottis Carr, has a variation III beamship in his lab,
1953... Although the Meierians only created Variation III in 1975, coming from
3000 years in the future and then backstepping in time, "so it would
     By jove I suppose you have not even read my 1993 book THE ALIEN
PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms, which
involved 12 hours a day research for a solid 3 years, none-stop.... Worked
with contactees, abductees, my own contacts (not dark haired freya athena's
that was your experience, I have no background on your experience, to
ascertain or come to any conclussion of its source and nature: psyche, psychic,
mind control, psychedelic, genetic, ghostial, spook, inteligencia, eti,
fantasia, imaginatia, a good or bad idea, anima-animus, disinformation,
paranoia, noia, noosphere, cognosis, paragnosis etc etc ET C...
     I cannot give a general hoot about the utter drivelled hogwash that
is again and again recycled through the majority of the channelling coming
through, and ever more confused from the factual, objective and coherent
Numinous research... (and I do make imlications here).... So much of it is
as old as the oldest bone a dog can chew, and then recycled again and

     OK, now... I still wonder why "da Bethlehem star"/ "Mandelbrot set"
of da un-existent monk Udo is positioned just like that in da picture
("nativit.jpg" , in "google images") ?
     And, what 'bout those "pleyadians" ? (Yeah, what 'bout 'em ?)
     You can find infos and perfekt pictures (I' ve always had this
feelin' 'bout "da perfekt" stuff...) in :
     Usefull infos you can also find in :
     -  .

     In 1995, another "pleyadian contactee" got in mass-media : Adrian.
     You' ll find perfekt pictures made by him in :
     -  ,
     while you can find "the rehersal" in :
     -  .
     Interestin' enough is  .
    Wait ! Rewind.
     What is "da Mandelbrot set", anyway ?
     A detailed answer you can get from :
     - (enterin'
inside all the other sites linked to this one, obviously...)
    Or, just a brief explanation, in :
     -   .

    'Bout da discoverer of da complex fractal we're talkin' 'bout, you can
find infos in :
     -  .

    All I knoe on the Bethlehem star is this (and I wrote this back to
    "Look, here' s somethin' ... else - please try to read first and then
get mad at me...
     I gave this to ya in romanian, but bellow you' re gonna get a
translation, as I' m able to give to the txt, OK ? Please read :
      "Īn momentul nasterii Sale īn lumea materiala, printr-o imaculata
conceptiune, Iisus Hristos, a doua Persoana a Sfintei Treimi, a spart
planurile cuantice īn mod direct, astfel ca nu s-a īntrupat de-a lungul unei
raze de creatie, precum celelalte fiinte.
       Īn locul de pe cer īn care Duhul Sau a spart planurile cuantice
pentru a patrunde īn planul cuantic material si, ulterior, īn pāntecele
Fecioarei Maria, a fost observata o lumina. De pe pamāntul fizic, aceasta
lumina a fost observata de magii de la rasarit si nu numai de ei, ca o stea
extrem de luminoasa, care s-a inserat brusc īn peisajul ceresc din acea
epoca. Dupa īntrupare, cānd cerurile s-au īnchis, lumina a fost acoperita si nu
s-a mai observat din planul cuantic material.
       Steaua observata de magii de la rasarit a fost mult mai luminoasa
decāt oricare alta stea de pe firmanent. Era de cel putin douazeci de ori
mai stralucitoare decāt cea mai luminoasa stea, astfel ca, pentru cei care
cunosteau tainele cerurilor, era evident ca anunta o īntrupare
exceptionala. Steaua a adastat cāteva zile deasupra locului īn care s-a aflat
Fecioara Maria, urmānd-o acolo unde mergea. Din acest motiv, a fost posibil ca
magii sa poata localiza locul īn care se va naste Marea Lumina.
       Magii, vechii īntelepti, cunosteau faptul ca stelele de pe cer sunt
porti ce fac legatura cu aspectele transfizice ale cosmosului si erau
foarte interesati de orice aparitie a unei lumini pe cer. Departe de a fi
niste bieti nestiutori semisalbatici, asa cum sunt prezentati astazi, vechii
īntelepti cunoasteau tainele cerurilor, astfel ca nu confundau stelele sau
aparitia unor lumini ceresti cu OZN-urile eterice ale oamenilor
prometeici, pe care le cunoasteau foarte bine - mult mai bine decāt le cunoastem noi
       Pe de alta parte, vechii īntelepti nu aveau despre stele conceptia
pe care o are astazi stiinta moderna. Pentru ei, stelele si luminile de pe
cer erau, pur si simplu, porti, prin care fortele transfizice patrundeau
īn planul cuantic material dinspre periferie spre centru. "
     Meanin' :
      "Durin' those moments of hard balance/hesitation, GOD THE ONE
decided to sacrifice Bein' of HIS Bein', to counter-balance da evil of da
kosmos, while, especially, to return to da Light everyone who got away from HIM,
to be like in da beginnin', when all were good in front of HIM. This way,
the second Person of da Saint Trinity, da Endless Love, True GOD of da
True GOD, embodied/incarnated in da materyal world, and da humans named this
Jesus/ Issa Chryst.
       ' Da moment of HIS birth in da material world (Madonna is a
simpleton bitch - my note..), through an imaculate conception, Jesus / Issa
Chryst, da second Person of da Saint Trinity, broke da cuantyk
(/planes/levels/realms/) direktly, this way He didn't embodie along of a ray of creation,
like any other beings.
       In da place of da sky in which HIS Ghost/Spirit broke da cuantyk
(planes/realms/levels) in order to get into da materyal cuantyk
(plane/realm/level) and, subsequently/afterwards, within da Virgin Mary' s "belly" , a
light got observed. From da physikal earth, this light got observed by da
"eastern mag(ician)s" and not only by 'em, as an extremely brightfull
star, which suddenly inserted on da skyish landscape of da (age/epoch). After
da embodiment, when da skyes closed, da light got covered and ' didn't '
observed no mo' from da materyal cuantyk (plane/realm/level).
       Da star observed by da "eastern mags" was more brightfull than any
other star o' da firmament. It was at least 20 times mo' brightfull than
da most brightfull star, this way for those who knew da secrets of da skyes
it was (more than) obvious this was announcin' an exceptional embodiment.
Da star persisted several days benneath da place where Virgin Mary was,
followin' Her wherever she went. ' This reason, da mags got able to locate
da place where
       Da Great Light was 'bout to born.
       Da mags, da ancient wises, knew da fact that da stars on da sky are
portals linkin' with da trans-physikal aspects of da  kosmos and they were
very interested 'bout any (new) aparition of a new light in da sky. away
of bein' some poor un-knowly half-savages, as they ' re presented these
days ( ! - my note), the old wises knew da misteryes of da skyes, THIS WAY
KNOW ' EM TODAY ( my enlargement of letters, just da message to get well
und'stand, OK, dear friend ? ).
       On the other hand,the ancient wises weren't havin' the outlook tha
actual science get on da stars,.For 'em, da stars on da sky were purely
portals through which da trans-physikal forces were gettin'  "into" da
materyal cuantyk (plane/level/realm) from da periphery to da center. " "

       In "The reign of quantity and the signs of the times", Rene Guenon
wrote :
       " (...) This way can be considered there' s essence and substance,
either for a world, meanin' a state of existence determined by certain
speacial conditions, either for a bein' considered as particular or even for
every each and one of the states of this bein', meanin' for its
manifestation in(to) every of the levels of the existence ; ' this last way, the
essnce and the substance are obviously the microkosmyk correspondence of what
they are, macrokosmikally (perspective), for the world in which there' s
situated this manifestation, or, ' (usin') other terms, they' re not'in
else than some particularisations of the same relative principles, which are
'emselves determinations of the universal essence and substance in
comparison with the conditions of the world we' re talkin' 'bout."
       This is not'in' mo' than an aberrant/absurde definition of "da
world" - the only state of existence of a "world" is given by its "level of
counsciousness" ; a "striktly energetykal world" or a "striktly material
world" don' t exist !!!
       So, finally, Guenon was talkin' 'bout "possible world(s)", not
necesarilly "existin' " ...
       And, just keep this in mind : the essence and the substance are
submissed to "becomin' " (Bhavati) in time (Kala).

       Or, should I come with this "yantra" ? - meanin' "untitled1.jpg".

       I' m outta here, man. By da way : I' ve read kabbalah - 'didn't
like it...
       ' Also saw "Bomfights"/ da movie . Hardly recommended !
       D' you get my drift ?!!!?
       GOD bless.
                                     Naybah Leftovers von Hoyt